Has your opinion changed?Page: 123

I was formerly in the camp 'the season must finish' now I'm in the IDGAF camp, cancel the whole thing and we'll start again in August 2021.

stevenn'ponzischeme 25 Mar

Brother Tam 27 Mar


Matt Hancock tests posative for covid-19

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Partisan Blues Fan 27 Mar

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Friday's Brainteaser

WHO AM I? I did play at club level with all the players listed below. I didn’t play for any of the clubs listed below.

peejay 27 Mar

Rab C Nesbitt 27 Mar


Abused and isolated: how life soured for Viv S-O


Louie Donowa 27 Mar

bluer than blues 27 Mar


PM tests positive

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Jim 27 Mar

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Harder than you think

A little quiz to while away the time. 54 teams have played in the top flight in the last 40 years and you have 12 minutes to name them all.

thethinblueline 27 Mar

God 27 Mar


My DadPage: 12345

Less than 18 hours after being admitted to Heartlands Hospital with Coronavirus he sadly died.

blueboots 26 Mar

Roger the lodger 27 Mar


We will see Jude in blue and white again

This season is done and next season is very, very doubtful. Nobody is going to pay 50 million for Jude till he has proven himself fit again.

sopwith 24 Mar

David Xavis 27 Mar


Latest Expert ViewPage: 12345

After talking to MP's this morning: From Prof Neil Ferguson whose views are seen as important because he was the lead author on the Imperial College paper that persuaded

Scoobers 25 Mar

Fat Buddha 27 Mar


Covid 19 - The Internet

I personally think the internet spread the disease as it was getting such a bad name only a few months ago and now the internet is literally loving life.


Ricky 27 Mar


NEC hospital

Are there plans to utilise Halls at the NEC as they have at Excel in London?

1 Banana 26 Mar

1 Banana 26 Mar


Guess the footballers

Can you name all the footballers?

Nose of Blue 26 Mar

Nose of Blue 26 Mar


People Behaving Badly This Week

Kidderminster Hospital. Broken into by gang causing extensive damage while they were on lock down caring for sick... what chance have we got?? [www.worcesternews.co.uk]

theAtlas 23 Mar

Partisan Blues Fan 26 Mar


NetflixPage: 123

Anyone watched the new Netflix series “The English Game”? About the start of football. Anyone seen it (binge watched) ? Worth watching?

simonparker 23 Mar

DES 26 Mar


Thursday's BrainteaserPage: 123

WHO AM I? I did play at club level with all the players listed below. I didn’t play for any of the clubs listed below.

peejay 26 Mar

DES 26 Mar


Self Employed - CV-19Page: 1234567

What is the official stance on pay given to building workers? Anybody?

1 Banana 23 Mar

Salford Blue 26 Mar


Research on Sexuality in Football

Dear all, I am involved in some university research that is looking at sexuality in football and I would appreciate a few minutes of your time to share your

theacademic 26 Mar

Petebaldwin 26 Mar


Working from Home

I like it, I do it a couple of times most weeks anyway, unfortunately, I'm busy as hell as the field I'm on has predictably got busier.

Fat Buddha 26 Mar

Brother Tam 26 Mar


80% of wage for “Furloughed Workers”

Up to a maximum of £2500 of gross pay.

666VAN 25 Mar

Robert Hopkins 26 Mar


'Family' - Leeds follow Birmingham City with wage deferral

The coronavirus outbreak has seen English football totally shutdown impacting important revenues for clubs up and down the EFL [www.birminghammail.co.uk]

Birmingham Mail 26 Mar

Bela's About 26 Mar