19:55, Mon 12 Mar
Plans to develop Molineux to a 50,000 capacity if they get promotion.
Would become the largest Stadium in the Midlands by some stretch, won’t please some
20:10, Mon 12 Mar
Heard it all before,wasn't Dr fake going to build a theme park in Aston when he first landed also been down this route with the Brady bunch! blah blah blah.
20:15, Mon 12 Mar
Tbf the plans are already in place, got approved under Morgan but they only completed one stand due to relegation
20:49, Mon 12 Mar
They dont even sell out the custard bowl whilst playing the best football the dingles have ever played. Fake news.
big club builds bigger ground

makes sense
22:18, Mon 12 Mar
They might be hoping all the viler divs who live in Staffordshire and the Black Country start supporting them instead
23:20, Mon 12 Mar
It's the Chinese master plan. It will be the home of Greater Birmingham United when they've driven Blues, Vile and Albion into insolvency.