00:11, Mon 16 Apr
Holding up a placard " I gave up my job and travelled 12,000 miles to see The Reds " ... What would your placard say at St Andrews ? .... my offering - " Every other week I come here in the forlorn hope that Ken Armstrong is the half time guest to boo him one last time . Plus , it's cheaper than shopping with the wife "
Southside Blue , not only keeping the blues alive but also singlehandedly saving the British Manufacturing Industry .
00:14, Mon 16 Apr
I bet he feels a right fanny now, after they got beat by an already relegated Albion.
That was liquid football!
00:23, Mon 16 Apr
That was liquid football!
07:46, Mon 16 Apr
Southside Blue
... What would your placard say at St Andrews ?

"They've got no cowin' Bovril ""


"Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel ""
08:33, Mon 16 Apr
Shhhhhh no singing or shouting, this is a football stadium not a gospel church.

(Not that anyone does)