07:36, Mon 16 Apr
Actor has died 74

Roles in 'Mississippi Burning' , 'Seven' and the voice behind Sarge in the Toy Story films....he did also present military style shows on TV

Probably his most famous role was the brutal drill instructor in 'Full Metal Jacket'

He ended up getting shot by Lawrence whom he dubbed Private Pyle in the famous latrine scene ......which also featured Private Joker on guard duty

RIP ....his acting was awesome at times...."" Sir, Yes Sir ""
07:40, Mon 16 Apr
Loved his line to Gene Hackman in Mississippi Burning

"Anderson, you're starting to get so far up my nose, I can feel your boots on my chin ""

09:35, Mon 16 Apr
Many times have used the lines

‘I bet you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose’ and

‘I didn’t know they stacked shit that high’
"Don’t hang about here, its decidedly unhealthy"
09:58, Mon 16 Apr
Best known in his later years as a spokesman for the NRA
10:14, Mon 16 Apr
He was rather more than a spokesman; he was on there Board.

In 2010 he had a big ranty diatribe about Obama ruining the country and forcing Socialism onto the USA. He later claimed this upset the Hollywood types and was what led to him not receiving any more film roles.
10:51, Mon 16 Apr
Love that film, based on true story as well!

10:53, Mon 16 Apr
Love that film, Mississippi burning based on true story as well!

16:01, Mon 16 Apr
Still one of my fave filums of all time that is DES. Shame he's gone - from Regimental Sergeant major to top actor - he was good.
zxcv said on P&S punishment...

"I am not going into detail but just to say i can see why your confusing things, NONE of that is applicable and not what you think it is.

All i will say just wait and you will see i am right. The embargo will be lifted in January and we will buy two 6 million pound forwards."
18:07, Mon 16 Apr
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