13:25, Mon 16 Apr
I keep seeing people with this strange assured belief that we will go down and be such a giant in the lower division we will wipe teams aside and finish top like it is no big deal.

We will have a major clear out in the summer IF! we are relegated. We will be picked apart by the vultures and the high earners will be straight out the door. Looking from the birth of the Coca-Cola Championship 04/05 (it will always be division 2 to me) what are the chances of bouncing straight back up, and even pushing on further securing a spot in the league and getting promoted in subsequent seasons.

13 - Seasons
39 - Relegated teams
(20%) 8 - Automatically promoted
(05%) 2 - Promoted through play-offs
(17%) 7 - Lost in the play-offs
(45%) 17 - Mid table 7th to 21st
(13%) 5 - Relegated

So we have a higher chance to finish outside the playoffs, than finish in the top 6. Only 1 in 4 teams have made it back after relegation at the first time of asking (the odds get worse and worse the longer you stay down unless you cheat the system and go up (See Wolves, Sheff Utd, Southampton, Norwich, Leeds).

Season - Team (finished following season)

04/05: Gillingham (14th), Nottingham Forest (7th), Rotherham (20th)
05/06: Crewe (13th), Milwall (10th), Brighton (18th)
06/07: Southend (6th), Luton (24th R), Leeds (5th)
07/08: Leicester (1st P), Scunthorpe (6th P), Colchester (12th)
08/09: Norwich (1st P), Southampton (7th), Charlton (4th)
09/10: Sheff Wed (15th), Plymouth (23rd R), Peterbrough (4th P)
10/11: Preston (15th), Sheff Utd (3rd), Scunthorpe (18th)
11/12: Portsmouth (24th R), Coventry (15th), Doncaster (1st P)
12/13: Peterbrough (6th), Wolves (1st P), Bristol City (12th)
13/14: Doncaster (13th), Barnsley, (11th), Yeovil (24th R)
14/15: Milwall (4th), Wigan (1st P), Blackpool (22nd R)
15/16: Charlton (13th), Milton Keynes (12th), Bolton (2nd P)
16/17: Blackburn (likely 2nd P), Wigan (likely 1st P), Rotherham (likely 4th)
13:27, Mon 16 Apr
Oh God.
zxcv said on P&S punishment...

"I am not going into detail but just to say i can see why your confusing things, NONE of that is applicable and not what you think it is.

All i will say just wait and you will see i am right. The embargo will be lifted in January and we will buy two 6 million pound forwards."
13:42, Mon 16 Apr
Too much time on someone's hands.
13:43, Mon 16 Apr
It’s lonely on those submarines
13:50, Mon 16 Apr
Magna endorsed Diane Abbott on the other board just now, I'd be very wary of those stats!
The Usual Suspect
13:52, Mon 16 Apr
Magna endorsed Diane Abbott on the other board just now, I'd be very wary of those stats!

14:00, Mon 16 Apr
Magna endorsed Diane Abbott on the other board just now, I'd be very wary of those stats!

Agreeing with a point she makes about the Daily Mails reaction to Syria is hardly an endorsement. The same as you agreeing with the Daily Mail hardly makes you a racist bigot.
14:05, Mon 16 Apr
Cant even be arsed to read that
14:33, Mon 16 Apr
Unless any of these teams have the same players as us, this is pointless
14:35, Mon 16 Apr
Those burgers aren't going to flip themselves, get back to work
14:45, Mon 16 Apr
I have always been confident that we will not be relegated but we have sod all to look forward to due to the overspending last summer and the FFP rules we will not be able to buy any players this summer which means bouncing along the lower half of the Championship once again.
Sorry but those are simply vague stats. How many of those that have failed to come back up were teams that were fortunate to be in the Championship in the first place? How many "big" championship sides have failed to come back up?

Right now, the top two spots in League One are occupied by Blackburn and Wigan, both of whom were relegated last season.
15:06, Mon 16 Apr
If we stop up, no, I'll say WHEN we stop up, we do have things to look forward to !

One of the best young managers

Youngsters coming through, as we've seen with Wes etc.

Players out on loan, that have excelled to return, VSO etc.

Our owners have made some astronomical feck-ups, we all know that, but we now have a management team capable of taking us up a level, to the level that is MIDTABLE, at the very least.

I would be happy with MIDTABLE, at the moment, as I'm sure all of us would.

Rowett,Zola,Arry,Worzel are all history now, get behind the best manager by a country mile, that we could have got & the future should be bright.

We are still in this, we need to stick together more than ever now.

In Garry & Co. I trust
15:33, Mon 16 Apr
Don't forget, another couple of v*lla derbies ;)
16:18, Mon 16 Apr