13:54, Mon 16 Apr
Massive blue died last night believed to be a heart attack, gonna miss you buddy x
13:58, Mon 16 Apr
Yes heard this morning about big twiggy passing away really shocked with the news , great lad and big blue nose , loved his cider did big twigg , rip twigg you will be missed mate , kro
15:27, Mon 16 Apr
Spoke via text with his brother this morning gutted
15:42, Mon 16 Apr
Sorry to hear about your pal. Chin up.
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
15:44, Mon 16 Apr
Shitty part of life, losing loved ones. Condolences to his friends and family.
zxcv said on P&S punishment...

"I am not going into detail but just to say i can see why your confusing things, NONE of that is applicable and not what you think it is.

All i will say just wait and you will see i am right. The embargo will be lifted in January and we will buy two 6 million pound forwards."
18:34, Mon 16 Apr
Cheers lads kro
18:50, Mon 16 Apr
Sorry to hear for your loss mate

19:13, Mon 16 Apr
RIP Sorry for the loss of your pal
23:18, Mon 16 Apr
Sad news. Once a Blue, always a Blue, and we stand together in difficult & sad times. I hope you are able to celebrate Twiggy’s life & say goodbye in style. RIP Fella.
23:21, Mon 16 Apr
Sorry to hear that mate. Hope all his family and friends are OK.
That was liquid football!
00:27, Tue 17 Apr
Rest in peace KRO
born in brum live in brum die in brum
04:25, Tue 17 Apr
Seems it is always the well loved characters who leave our blue family far too young. RIP.
05:42, Tue 17 Apr
Sorry to hear this.

07:53, Tue 17 Apr
RIP nice lad went to many away games with him always got a smile on his face
08:19, Tue 17 Apr
Trying to sort out a video tribute for Saturday thanks all
08:48, Tue 17 Apr
Sorry you've lost a good friend Brads.
I'm sure we'll all recognise him, do you have a recent photo ?
She's as sweet as Tupelo honey
She's an angel of the first degree
09:17, Wed 18 Apr
Just seen this on his brothers FB RIP twiggy sad loss
13:51, Wed 18 Apr
Bully can you put a pic on here