21:05, Tue 15 May
We dodged a bullet there...
21:11, Tue 15 May
Absolute dog shite. Fits in well with Boro. Truly woeful team.
21:14, Tue 15 May
Absolute dog shite. Fits in well with Boro. Truly woeful team.

Can't believe either of these teams could be in the Premier League next season
21:14, Tue 15 May
From what I've seen tonight I assumed he was still playing for villa
21:16, Tue 15 May
We dodged a bullet there...[/quot

Dodge the Downing Bullet so signed Ndoye instead :D
21:17, Tue 15 May
He was always shit, still can't believe he got caps.
zxcv said on P&S punishment...

"I am not going into detail but just to say i can see why your confusing things, NONE of that is applicable and not what you think it is.

All i will say just wait and you will see i am right. The embargo will be lifted in January and we will buy two 6 million pound forwards."
09:36, Wed 16 May
The way we played against Fulham, we'd have slaughtered both of these teams tonight.
09:49, Wed 16 May
Yeah, but over the season we were nowhere near and they both got there on merit. The league table doesn't lie, which is why I'm hoping Fulham go up. Pulis and Rowett aren't really the managers for these sort of scenarios- Bruce did a good job on them.

Terry and Downing may well have been worth it over the season for what they would have brought off the pitch, rather than on it. For long periods of this season we've had no obvious leaders on the pitch and it has seemed chaotic off it until Monk came in. Bruce fought hard to get Terry, and has credited him for turning around a group of players where the spirit had been toxic for a long time.

In contrast, we've had Paul Robinson seeing something he likes in Jack Storer.

Plus if there keeper had been sent off as he should have been then Downing could have been the hero at the end with that free kick...
10:05, Wed 16 May
Agree with all of that. Downing would have improved us last season be it out wide or in midfield.

Had the keeper been (rightly) sent off I don't think it would have changed the scoreline. Villa were pretty comfortable really. The big thing to take is that he woud have been suspended from the play off final which would have been a blow as he is decent.
Sergio Lives
10:20, Wed 16 May
Just saying things looking bright for next season.

And looking forward to the Premier League for a change if they win the final as they'll be getting done every week and vile park will become even more toxic.
10:58, Wed 16 May
Disagree, very good player, like a left footed Becks but with a charisma by pass.

12:11, Wed 16 May
Never seen him play well which is why he has moved around and not been successful anywhere. Don't want him at Blues. Cant be arsed to check but did Monk play him when he was at 'Boro?
15:24, Wed 16 May
"Big" club? All those DVBs on the pitch like they'd won the Champions League (I know that wouldn't happen as some Italian plods would shoot a few of them) but it's the Championship play-off semi, FFS!

It just shows how shallow and vain they are about not being in the Premier League. I could feel sorry for them but I won't.
So it really must rankle them being in the Championship. Long may it continue.