20:30, Wed 13 Jun
Harry Parkes Corporation Street by a country mile. I bought a Man City top from there in 1974/75. Beautiful top it was and they became my second team with Derby being relegated to my third team.
Harry Parkes was a dvb and why would you have 2nd and 3rd teams?
Do they sell Yeezys?
the king loves me
Viram footwear. Stratford rd spark hill in the 80s 90s
Second team, third team?

What is this madness???
England were my fourth team as the Derby kit was the same colours, so I saved a few quid there (tu)
Virulent DVB rip off merchant
His and hers, Swan market
Agree Harry Parkes was best shop but yep DVB. When i was about 18 my mates dad was caretaker of that building and he lived in a flat on the top floor.
21:04, Wed 13 Jun
Arif Sports on the Rock (tu)
When I was at school, we were putting together a decent run of results and playing in front of actual crowds. Our football shirts were over thirty years old, torn and moth eaten, so we pestered our parents to get us a new kit. We scraped some money together and went to see if Harry Parkes would do us a discount. The old bastard said that he would, but it had to be a Villa kit. For a Small Heath school, this would be like signing a death warrant for half of us. Eventually, we compromised and accepted a Villa away kit which was yellow shirts, blue shorts and yellow socks. Still bad, but not life-threatening.
21:18, Wed 13 Jun
Second team, third team?

What is this madness???
Guess its like preferring bacon for breakfast but faced with no bacon you might indulge in a sausage sandwich or scrambled eggs on toast instead??
Olympus - New Street.

Easy Pickings
21:25, Wed 13 Jun
Terry Lovett yardley Rd acocks green , real gent and would always cut you a deal!
Anyone remember the door handles at Harry Parkes’s place?
Come on you Blues
21:28, Wed 13 Jun
Had a few bits from there Des.

Swan Golf was another one, had a good stock of Diamond Pringles.
21:29, Wed 13 Jun
21:30, Wed 13 Jun
Cricket bats ??
21:31, Wed 13 Jun
Cricket bats ??
Come on you Blues
A former school chum Paul Dyson, had a nice little sports shop in Kings Heath back in the day.
He used to play for Cov City. Stoke, Baggies, but was always Blues at school.
Regards, Mick