15:11, Thu 14 Jun
He is better, but I'd really rather find a non DVB. Especially as objectionable a one as him, who has given us shit forever.
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17:39, Thu 14 Jun
He passes the ball forward. Of course, N'Doye has a key role in this respect for us now, but, on balance, Bannan seems to be able to pass the ball to players in his own team. Gerrimin.
Wigan Pier.

Re: Barry Bannan

15:08, Sat 16 Jun
Apologies for raising this thread from the dead, but I just came across this rumour for the first time and it was something I was banging on about last season, so this one has been written in the tea-leaves for some time in my opinion. We have a square hole in our squad and this chap happens to be a square peg who would fit perfectly in it, despite being a sweaty viler. It's a no-brainer, if you want to fix this team you start by adding a playmaker who can keep the ball under pressure and create positive attacking moves. I don't care if it's Bannan or somebody else, I would just like us to sign one or two of them because we are severely lacking creativity and composure in midfield and it was glaringly obvious throughout last season IMHO.

Do it Garry.
17:39, Sat 16 Jun
I think we can afford one or two of them Rab. If we were after a team full I'd be worried.
17:43, Sat 16 Jun
Exactly what we need.
We have done some very good rehab work upon vilers in the past. Yes.
18:35, Sat 16 Jun
I think we can afford one or two of them Rab. If we were after a team full I'd be worried.
We've already got more than 2 on 25k though :D
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19:34, Sat 16 Jun
Would take him all day long regardless of his vile connections, played no more than 50/60 games for them, would walk into our midfield.