16:00, Thu 5 Jul
Birmingham City and Middlesbrough, statement on High Court proceedings:High Court proceedings between Middlesbrough Football Club and Birmingham City Football Club and its Backroom Team have ended with agreed settlement terms.Middlesbrough FC had commenced proceedings against Birmingham City FC and

16:03, Thu 5 Jul
We've offered them a vase as a gesture of wood will.

Worth £30m that....I swear.
16:18, Thu 5 Jul
Ahhhh, we're all friends again. That makes me happy.
BCFC and Middlesbrough had been set for court-room showdown over player poaching fears

16:56, Thu 5 Jul
Anyone else thinking of the Alan Partridge autobiography and the spurious legal claims? Just me then...
The Usual Suspect
20:19, Thu 5 Jul
And the winners are...the lawyers.
23:45, Fri 6 Jul
Thank God for that. No more sleepless nights.
All rather childish & embarrassing, if you’re a Boro fan.
As ever, we do what we want.
Looking forward to the Boro games. I’m sure there’ll be no sarcastic or vitriolic references by those in Blue.