16:06, Thu 12 Jul
Villa Connal concedes cheap pelanty
Dong Ren Out.
16:06, Thu 12 Jul
Shocking defending and goalkeeping for that pen!
16:06, Thu 12 Jul
Never a penalty, cheating Ref. Get the team off Garry, refuse to play anymore til they play properly :D
16:06, Thu 12 Jul
Cogley - shite
Good find le mod cheers. , thats going to be 2 hours wasted now :D
16:09, Thu 12 Jul
Totally missed the ball!
16:12, Thu 12 Jul
Thankfully he will be so far down the pecking order he will probably never play for us again

Just not good enough
Dunno who Cogley was moaning at for their goal :)
Like the good old days, no names on back of shirt and numbered 1-11 spend half the match trying to identify new faces from last season. (I would imagine squad numbers not finalised yet)
Can you please stop being sensible and having fun, it's pre-season for fans too so start moaning at the players in this meaningless game.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter
I am assuming Lubala is the no 9 unless Viv has put a bit of weight on in the last 12 months.
Yes he is, viv right wing.
The hills are alive with the sound of Brummies!(tu):D
Nice slow out of tune rendition of KRO. Magnificent.
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
Liking the idea of the archery area behind the goal. Be a great idea behind the Gil Merrick and Main Stand corner :D
16:32, Thu 12 Jul
Bring back grounds:X
16:37, Thu 12 Jul
is the kit man still on holiday?
16:37, Thu 12 Jul
Opens blues app.

Click here to watch

It opens Samsung browser

Use app to watch.

Reopens app again


Le Mod
You Tube Link to this enormous match

Thanks, good link (tu)
16:38, Thu 12 Jul
Just use the YouTube link, playing perfectly.