09:31, Fri 10 Aug

The last few days on here and social media have been fairly depressing to be honest.

I've covered the Lee Camp thing. Yesterday was the reaction the the Gardner signing. Now don't get me wrong, I'm into the Blues/Villa rivalry as much as the next man - or so I thought. Preferably I wouldn't want us to sign a player synonomous with them lot - but we have. Professional footballers and Managers don't see this through the same lens as fans. Monk has his hands massively tied and he would have been trying to get the best player he could possibly get without a transfer or loan fee and a relatively modest in Championship terms salary. Gardner will know what he is walking into - and fair play to the lad - he must have balls of steel.

Apparently not frothing at the mouth about it means I'm not "proper blues"

I'll be there this season, 3 season tickets , me and the 2 kids watching the Blues . Hoping Gary Gardner and Lee Camp turn out alright.

Adios SHA. I'm taking a sabbatical.

Nah, keep on posting T. Everyone see's the world differently. I don't post very much but mostly enjoy reading the different views, even when a poster is 100% wrong (IMHO); not so much when it gets ugly. It'd be pretty dull if everyone was agreeing and patting each other on the back. I get what your saying and loads of others will (probably more than you think): the eleven on the pitch will get my complete support. End of the day, you know whether your "PB" or not.