23:13, Wed 8 Aug
I don’t get the whiging either

Any signing has an element of a crapshoot to it
Look at the “names” we’ve signed in the past like Hleb & Gronkjar

Or unknowns like Mags & crocks like Carr
Sometinmes it just doesn’t click for a player at a certain location or set-up

I’d prefer to judge them after they’ve actually played for us
23:28, Wed 8 Aug
Good post mate. Fully agreed.

Dare I say it but maybe too many of our fans have become that obsessed with all things Villa over the summer they're starting to sound like them now.

Come on we are better than that. Garry Monk has been the best thing that's happened to the club in a while. Let's trust his judgement.
00:41, Thu 9 Aug
Best post on here for yonks.👍
04:26, Thu 9 Aug
06:46, Thu 9 Aug
Absofeckinluteley--Bloody entitled generation
06:53, Thu 9 Aug
I doth my cap sir. Bravo Tarquin.
06:59, Thu 9 Aug
Hi Tarq. Am I allowed down Blues if I fully intend, like most fans I've seen and heard the last few days, to support Camp but are pretty dubious about his record in recent years? Just wanted to double check well in advance for next Fri, cheers!
The Usual Suspect
I agree with the OP - I know that the forum is for moans as well as praise, but the negative vibe can be catching and can even translate to not giving the new players a proper chance if the perception is that they're shit. Give them a chance - I think Monk knows what he's doing, and IMO has earned the right to be supported in his decisions. Yep, it seems daft to let two decent keepers go, but we don't know the full story and Monk won't be doing it just for a laugh.

We also have a goalkeeping coach who is probably better informed about the abilities of a goalkeeper than most of us.
The belle of St Trillions
Spot on, it's embarrassing! 👍
07:27, Thu 9 Aug
Completely agree.

I genuinely can’t stand some of our fans. They’re an embarrassment.
07:35, Thu 9 Aug
Fill in the form. I’ll sign it off
Sergio Lives
07:39, Thu 9 Aug
My view of blues fans is stoical, expect things to be shit and best in country at gallows humour.
My view of villa is think they are entitled, whingeing, bed wetter and bed sheet displayers.
Reading thes posts it heart warming to see so many in PROPER BLUES!
07:44, Thu 9 Aug
Camp was absolutely woeful for Sunderland and people are bound to judge him on that

He will be supported on the pitch, people are just having a whinge because ultimately the club are a joke, again.
07:46, Thu 9 Aug
Excellent post Tarquin

Unfortunately it’s a human trait that when any news is received it has to be either brilliant or disastrous.

Are any of us over the moon with this signing? Well most aren’t (including me) but I’m realistic enough to understand this is where we are, and he will get my 100% support particularly when he makes his first error- all goalkeepers do,you know.

The continued nonsense about who is the best GK, and whether Monk should ‘swallow his pride’ just serves to remind me the lack of understanding some of our fans have. You know who you are.

Does this mean you can’t criticise anything GM does? Of course not, but be realistic. If he had the choice between Camp and De Gea do you not think he would choose the Spaniard?
07:46, Thu 9 Aug
Blue heaven
Only time in last forty years club wasn’t a joke was under gullivans and majority on here hate the sound of thier name!!
Forest season ticket holder I know said camp was fine for them!
07:51, Thu 9 Aug
That’s the thing though, this continued negativity around him means he won’t be supported...particularly when that ball squirms under his body and into the net. People will be waiting to say ‘ I told you he was sh@t’

The club being a joke is not his fault, you know
08:06, Thu 9 Aug
Of course it isnt

People are bloody entitled to whinge about signing players they perceive to be shit

its not a new things to us, fans have been moaning and slagging off players for donkeys years

pretending we are a special bread of super fans is a joke, players have been ridiculed for years
08:07, Thu 9 Aug
I don't think this is one of the many SHA 'I'm best Blues fan in the world posts', really, which are sometimes code for 'I am right and you are wrong'. I do think you are right, generally, but are mistaken about people's motives. I reckon it is less about Camp, himself, but to do with frustration, disappointment and anger about negative decisions effecting the club.

Since 2011 we have been in decline, sometimes resuscitated by Rowett, Rednapp (for a fortnight) and most recently Monk. Fans' frustrations are long term and the signing of a goalkeeper, a player who has not actually played, or, when he has played, seems to have struggled for the last two years, is an indication that we are now recruiting players without a recent proven record. Camp may be fine but the more general collective pessimism is understandable given the way the EFL is enforcing rules and our owners are cocking it up. We have owners who have been cocking it up for so long and it pisses a lot of us off.

Finally, you referred to N'Doye, which was actually a good way of undermining your own argument. I have actually seen him play for the Blues over the last year and am convinced that if he plays regularly this season, due to injuries I assume, we will be in deep trouble. We need half decent footballers in midfield not a comedy turn. The Blues need a lot better than him to survive let alone compete. Lets see if Monk picks him regularly.
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08:07, Thu 9 Aug
You have to admit though, its rare we sign anyone who seems to get barely any good references from former clubs. You always expect maybe a 50/50 response, but in Camps case its pretty heavily "he's shite". I don't remember us giving Olly Lee wonderful reviews when he went on for example...because he was shite.

And I dont think anything anyone writes on here, positive or negative, has one iota of impact on anyone of note at the club.

I really doubt anyone will be booing him on on Saturday or whenever his debut is. And if he balls up, then he'll have to deal with it.

Anyway, lets see what happens for the rest of the day - I just don't want any last vestiges of hope or enjoyment for this season walking out the door.
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
08:09, Thu 9 Aug
Good point
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You can access information, speak to an advisor with expert information or email them. It’s a really good service, I think.