11:45, Mon 8 Oct
Birmingham striker Lukas Jutkiewicz has topped the Sky Bet Championship Power Rankings this week.

11:54, Mon 8 Oct
Fair play to Juke, he is top by some distance (by over 3000 points)
Blues have 5 players in the top 50 and not a viler anywhere in sight.
Turn left when you get on a plane.
12:13, Mon 8 Oct
12:17, Mon 8 Oct
Maffs wus neva my strong piont 👍
Turn left when you get on a plane.
15:29, Mon 8 Oct
I wouldnt want our Harlee's brilliant performances going overlooked
15:31, Mon 8 Oct
Beckenbauer-esque, is our Harlee.
15:35, Mon 8 Oct
Gerard Piqué wears Harlee Dean pyjamas
December 7 2018, about vile:
I'd be surprised if they lose another game this season
17:35, Mon 8 Oct
Great to see that
Cheery Chappy Charcy
People who read books are mugs. If it is good enough it will be on TV.
The gap he has at the top of the season long points is incredible.
10:19, Wed 10 Oct

And 0 vile!