06:26, Wed 10 Oct
Refused a licence to defend his title against Andrade. Tis a shame he's wasting his talent
07:09, Wed 10 Oct
Seems to be finding himself in all kinds of pickles at the moment.
Technically brilliant but it’s taking too long to get the big fights and to be stripped now will be very damaging to his career.
07:42, Wed 10 Oct
Fat Buddha
Refused a licence to defend his title against Andrade. Tis a shame he's wasting his talent

It is a shame. I was really looking forward to this fight also.
No future.....
07:57, Wed 10 Oct
Might be depressed
08:05, Wed 10 Oct
Has he woken up as september has ended?
Goodbye says it all.
08:35, Wed 10 Oct
Basket Case
09:29, Wed 10 Oct
Very disappointed, was really looking forward to this one. Doubt we'll see him back at the top level again unfortunately. Massive shame as IMO he's Britain's top P4P fighter but he'll probably end up going off the rails
09:35, Wed 10 Oct
He's saying it was in a "decongestant". I think he'll get past this but he is at severe risk of wasting his talent. I thought after the last couple of fights he'd got himself back in shape and focus but obviously not.
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
14:43, Wed 10 Oct
He's definitely stayed in shape between fights after joining the Ingles, he just can't seem to stay out of trouble long enough for a fight to take place. A real shame.
No future.....
14:54, Wed 10 Oct
I loved BJS up until recently with all the silly videos he uploaded.

He's also a hypocrite. Calling out others for PED use then using them himself (in the dodgy Ingle gym as well).
Dong Ren Out.
15:21, Wed 10 Oct
Waddya mean dodgy Ingle gym? Young Ingles physique looks perfectly natural
11:07, Fri 12 Oct
Warren should just get rid.

Saunders is waste of time. Barely fights and is on the juice.

Can't imagine BT are happy.
Dong Ren Out.
11:09, Fri 12 Oct
Do you think he's actually been on the juice?

Maybe I'm just naïve and blinded by my man love for him but I think he's innocent
20:42, Fri 12 Oct
I’m intrigued to see what he does/who he fights in the meantime.

It might be a smart move by Warren to relinquish the belt as if the MASC are guilty then BJS will be quids in.
No future.....