The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue
I suspect better wages and being told they were leaving were bigger factors than escaping Smith.


He’s not the pull, it’s the wages x length of contract.

Smith at his new club, won’t suddenly make them favourites to land any of our players. The favourites will be the club offering the best contract.
I think the poster was suggesting he'd come in for them.
07:22, Thu 11 Oct
steve aerobic
Thoughts on the new Vile management team....

they've managed to get a decent manager by accident. terry will help him manage the egos. i expect them to have an upturn in fortunes now.
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07:23, Thu 11 Oct
Beesman didn't seem overly concerned last week at the possibility of losing Smith.

Not unhappy with this although I liked Smith and he was very popular at the club it’s an offer he couldn’t refuse with the money and it being a massive club compared to us.Okelly will also join him but the main coach Thomas Frank will remain and will take charge.He is close to the owner and joined the club when the team were treading water and were very predictable he had a big input in changing our style of play and worked well with Smith.I think the main target after Villa were knocked back by others was the odious John Terry and can’t see how this is going to work out.From outside I can see Smith being pushed out if results don’t improve quickly and Terry will get shoehorned into the job.Lets be honest would you want or trust Terry,who I doubt if Smith even knows to cover your back?
I don’t see this making a massive difference to us and there doesn’t seem to be any big concerns amongst most fans it’s something we have got used to over the years staff and players moving on.Time will tell
07:28, Thu 11 Oct
How much did they pay Brentford?
07:47, Thu 11 Oct
Hoof hearted?
How much did they pay Brentford?

300k banded about on twitter
07:52, Thu 11 Oct
I don't agree. The biggest ego in the locker room will be that of JT. Look at his career and achievements (even though I think he is a grade A fanny and overrated) he won't be happy playing second fiddle to a no mark ex-pro like Smith for long. This could become very toxic very quickly especially if they do not hit the ground running.
07:57, Thu 11 Oct
North Yorks Blue
just hate to see a good man wasting himself in the wrong job at the wrong club.

smith? a good man?
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07:59, Thu 11 Oct
Can't imagine the dvb smith being happy having the racist forced into his backroom staff.

Do brentford give everything away?
08:01, Thu 11 Oct
i remember terry slagging savage,so what chance smith.
08:02, Thu 11 Oct
How will Smith and Terry do?
It's hard to call. If they got Big Sam, you know they would be there or thereabouts for promotion. If they went for a name, such as Henry, it would have great Zolaesque potential. Well they still got a 'name' in Terry. It's not about his connection with Vile last year (tho it might help) it's cos he is a big name. Smith has done okay at Brentford but there is no guarantee he can step up to another level.
The Smith - Terry ticket? The upshot is, I don't think anyone can call how this will work out with confidence. Let's hope for a disaster though. The perfect storm would be a little new manager bounce to delude them further, followed by a slow decline until it's too late change manager again and they are relegated on the last day.Which would be all the sweeter cos of our last day survivals.
08:08, Thu 11 Oct
they wont get relegated, stop deluding yourself
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08:09, Thu 11 Oct
How long before the jobs to big for him I say one month
08:15, Thu 11 Oct
Whenever they lose their first game under him.
08:28, Thu 11 Oct
Le Mod
Yeah, my hope is without his assistant he’s not the same

I don't think the issue is whether O'Kelly joins him, O'Kelly is a classic "bibs and cones" man.

The issue is with Terry. It looks like whoever got the job was getting Terry whether they liked it or not, and that's no way to run things. Terry is a fanny, he's also got no track record of coaching, within a couple of months he will be looking to ease Smith out and slide himself into the job.
08:31, Thu 11 Oct
I agree with a lot of what ShanghaiBlue says.

There's a lot of talk on this thread about Terry at what a nasty piece of work he is, whilst this may be true I don't share the belief that this will cause him to fail or that he is waiting to stab Smith in the back. In fact it could be argued that Terry will be a success because he can motivate and organise the defence as well as use the wealth of experience he has from all the top level manager's he's worked under. He's not going to take sh1t from players or accept half @rsed performances. The converse argument is that he is a complete unknown quantity in terms of management / coaching and could prove to be completely inept. He could well prove to be poisonous to work with but I suspect the wish is father of the thought in many cases on this thread.

Where Smith is concerned I agree that v**la have got on the face of it a good appointment by default (aren't they so spawny?!) however I'm not sure he's a good fit for the post. He's got a good track record of working with smaller clubs and lesser players molding them into a strong unit. He's also proved that he can play good football getting the best out of the playing resources at his disposal. He's going into a completely different environment with a completely different set of challenges: unbalanced squad, dubious finances, toxic fans, no time, - whether he is capable of addressing / navigating the issues at vile on and off the field remains to be seen but it is not something he has any obvious experience with. He's unlikely to have the luxury of time / money to bring in players and develop the playing style that he's had at Brentford. His remit is going to be to get promotion this year rather than demonstrating incremental improvement year on year. Their upcoming fixture list is not easy and they/he will need results quickly to a) push for promotion and b) keep the fans at bay.

He'll get some grace with the fans for his allegiance but this will only last if results come otherwise we all know it'll be too big a job for him and he's a small time manager, they'll even use the villa fan thing against him "he calls himself a villa fan Tone but then he puts out that team, he's no villa fan in my book Tone" etc.

The obvious candidate for the post in my opinion would have been BFS who has a proven track record of fire fighting at such clubs though this would be a case of getting promoted rather than avoiding relegation as in his previously few roles. The other obvious candidate for the post they've just sacked so...
08:34, Thu 11 Oct
Hoof hearted?
How much did they pay Brentford?

About 1/2 million
Hoof hearted?
How much did they pay Brentford?

About 1/2 million

How much will he be buying that young centre half for in January?
08:46, Thu 11 Oct
Brentford's success is built on their infrastructure, not Dean Smith. Please see Mark Warburton for an example of this, in fact, please refer to all of their former managers as an example of this.
08:48, Thu 11 Oct
They'll have a reasonable new manager bounce, depressingly including beating us at their shithole.

Then they'll lose two on the bounce, probably away at Middlesbrough and away at West Brom. They play Stoke, Leeds and Swansea after those two, so somewhere in those 5 games they'll lose two on the trot.

Two defeats in a row will see them booed off the pitch at half time in their next match at 0-0. They'll fluke a win but now the dissent has started.

They'll lose 3 of the next 7 games, by which point the bedsheets are out and Terry is openly angling for Smith's job. In-fighting throughout, "the jobs too big for Smith", they spend the season languishing in 11th and the shit hits the fan when they fail to go up.

December 7 2018, about vile:
I'd be surprised if they lose another game this season