16:50, Thu 11 Oct
Not a big fan of them normally, just something to satisfy a hunger pang usually. But had a Swiss Stack today. Best burger they have ever done. 2 burgers, curly lettuce, crispy bacon and onions with Emmental cheese and a cheesy mayo.

Hit the spot, unfortunately a short promotion of less than a fortnight, but best burger they have ever done.... 5/5 Ronalds.
Tried a Jamaican burger last week, was actually really nice
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
21:23, Thu 11 Oct
Linked Image

Is that Nicola Sturgeon when she was a kid?
21:25, Thu 11 Oct
😂 her first sip of England.
Not a regular user but the special promo and “signature” burgers are actually pretty decent. Had one of their French Stack ones a week or so ago, garlic bun, garlic mayo and some stinky cheese, very good for £5.
22:01, Thu 11 Oct
I haven't eaten there for 25 years. Maybe I should try it.
06:53, Fri 12 Oct
A McDonalds hamburger represents the best value nutrition you can buy.