18:53, Wed 7 Nov

So, in the market for some earphones or maybe headphones.

When you listen on an iPhone is there really a hugely discernible difference in sound quality when listening through 20 quid sennheisers or more expensive ones?
19:07, Wed 7 Nov
Stopped reading at so.
19:45, Wed 7 Nov
But bothered to type a reply. God bless ya
19:47, Wed 7 Nov
Stopped reading at I phone.
Goodbye says it all.
19:49, Wed 7 Nov
Makes a change from you posting about Lee Camp at least
19:55, Wed 7 Nov
Soundmagic e10
The elusive Wang
19:59, Wed 7 Nov
Stopped reading at 20 quid
20:05, Wed 7 Nov
Got mine free off the hop on hop off bus in Benidorm -sorted
20:17, Wed 7 Nov
Stopped reading at Tarquin
Keeping Right On since 1981
20:18, Wed 7 Nov
Congratulations on your original username
20:21, Wed 7 Nov
you're welcome
Keeping Right On since 1981
20:26, Wed 7 Nov
He asked a simple question. For fecks sake. Miserable bastards
20:31, Wed 7 Nov
Thanks man

And thanks for the Soundmagic recommendation to the other fella
20:33, Wed 7 Nov
I’ll be nice to you mate....

I bought these (on offer of course, half price) about 4-5 years ago. I use them twice daily on my commute into London - they block out the heaving masses on the train and tube and sound pretty good to me. I’m sure the Bose,Beats, B&O etc devotees will shoot me down but they’re solid, look nice and are great quality.


20:41, Wed 7 Nov
Yes there is, even more so when you add a DAC as well.
20:58, Wed 7 Nov
What on Earth is DAC?
21:15, Wed 7 Nov
Paired with decent headphones you notice the difference.
21:33, Wed 7 Nov
Massive difference. The Soundmagic ones are a good shout, unless you want to spend silly money. Forget the DAC etc. Just buy the Soundmagic ones, turn up the bass and treble just a touch on your EQ, and you're laughing.
21:46, Wed 7 Nov
Bought some in King"s Heath once for a quid. Crap.
I am on a course with a couple of musos, one has bose cans the other candy earphones, the candy ones with gel earbuds which eliminate all outside noise are apparently the best, no idea of cost but quality is worth paying for.