18:58, Thu 8 Nov

"As well as being fined and banned from signing any academy player registered with another Premier League or EFL club in the preceding 18 months, Everton were ordered to pay additional compensation to the former teams of two youngsters they had tapped up, one of which is Birmingham City."

Any details on the fine amount?
19:00, Thu 8 Nov
The total fine was £500,000. I don't know how much compensation Blues were paid though - knowing our luck we'll be fined for allowing one of our players to be tapped up.
19:59, Thu 8 Nov
Enough to sort out FFP?
20:05, Thu 8 Nov
Never shake hands with a scouser, you'll never get your watch back!

And I say this with both my parents being born in Liverpool. Luckily they both moved away before they were 8 years old
07:16, Fri 9 Nov
FFP is solved
07:42, Fri 9 Nov
Typical of the bin dippers!! Glad we have never Mutch of that sort off thing.
08:44, Fri 9 Nov
Any idea on who the player/s might be?
08:46, Fri 9 Nov
Didn't we steal TF from Plymouth Argyle?
09:02, Fri 9 Nov
FFP is solved

Is it?
10:25, Fri 9 Nov
Didn't we steal TF from Plymouth Argyle?
Before sell on clauses were popularised as well
Often thought, they must still be mad at us for that
10:26, Fri 9 Nov
El Mayor
FFP is solved

Is it?

Think it was tongue in cheek
13:27, Fri 9 Nov
13:32, Fri 9 Nov
What compo are we going to get. Probably 10k depending on the age and amount of time they were in our academy.

Not going to touch the sides of FFP, annoying more than anything.

But they are all at it. Man City banned, Liverpool banned and Everton were only caught after a tip off, no doubt by a Liverpool fan! (after they moved a family from Cardiff and they realised they couldn’t register the boy due to FIFA rules and he had to play grassroots football)