09:26, Thu 6 Dec
Did anybody off here go?

If so any good info to relay.
10:38, Thu 6 Dec
Yes and this is what we learnt in no particular order :

1. The coaching staff is a team
2. Gary Gardner hates to lose
3. The coaching staff is a team
4. Garry Monks car reg ends in FFP
5. The coaching staff is a team
6. The players are working hard
7. The coaching staff....
8. Jukey and Che are trying really hard in training - like the rest of the team
9. Tom Ross can make what could be a really interesting night dull
10. Tom Ross can't run an auction
11.The coaching staff.....
12. Daryl Flahavan likes Hip Hop

As you can see there was a bit of a theme to it all and very few insightful questions were asked - Tom Ross "Lets lighten this up a bit - What music do you like ? " Each member of the panel was asked each replied with - "Anything really, no particular genre - i like what i like"
11:13, Thu 6 Dec
FFS that was a bullet dodged.

I went to the E57 club near Maypole/Kings Heath to see Barry Fry. Now that was a good night.