19:52, Tue 4 Dec
Abbie Cornish.
20:01, Tue 4 Dec
Still Kelly Brook for me. I'd be close to dehydration, she’d be ruined traumatised for life
Nigel Kennedy .....I would introduce him to his violin in a creative way and he would never be heard of again. If someone gets to him before me then I'd go for 11 seconds with Candice Swanepoel.
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
20:38, Tue 4 Dec
Kate Andrews!!
20:43, Tue 4 Dec
Or Victoria Coren Mitchell!!
22:05, Tue 4 Dec
Nigel Kennedy. I would destroy him.
22:23, Tue 4 Dec
Liz Hurley, now or 20 years ago she is the ultimate ride imo.
22:29, Tue 4 Dec
After killing eve... Jodie Mcomer 😍
22:33, Tue 4 Dec
Susannah Reid
Into The Shadows playing live at Brierley Civic Hall - Thursday 2nd May....
22:48, Tue 4 Dec
Can't believe we got this far without Holly Willobooby!
22:50, Tue 4 Dec
Bea Smith, prisoner cell block H...all woman
22:53, Tue 4 Dec
I once made Cat Deeley cry...
22:58, Tue 4 Dec
Joking aside, think someone else mentioned Lily James, the most perfect face I’ve ever seen
23:00, Tue 4 Dec
I reckon Lois from Family Guy would be a real goer.

Just me then......
23:02, Tue 4 Dec
The Bat