17:09, Thu 6 Dec
On the subject of referees, I've been booked by Jeff Winter
17:27, Thu 6 Dec
I was a mechanic on TV show Car SOS
Best car show on British TV by a country mile.
Regards, Mick
18:02, Thu 6 Dec
I have, from afar in a well known Irish named pub ...

I do hope I gave you 10p when I left. 😉
Vic Callow led the FA refereeing course that I took when I was 16. Great guy.

He was also partial to a carvery at the Plume of Feathers in Shirley where I worked.

Can’t recall if he had gravy on his onions or not.
I gave David Attenborough my autograph when he got the freedom of Bristol -I signed his scroll
19:30, Thu 6 Dec
Robert Hopkins
Forgot my gameshow stint when I was on strike it lucky and was kissed by Michael Barrymore

* Sits down and waits for the abuse to start

It could have been worse, you could have ended up floating face down in his swimming pool...
19:52, Thu 6 Dec
I was a mechanic on TV show Car SOS
Best car show on British TV by a country mile.

I see that Fuzz Townshend bloke in Sainsburys Shrewsbury quite often. He seems very approachable.
20:00, Thu 6 Dec
The chap who played Gaz on that dreadful Two pints of larger programme once called me a c**t.
20:22, Thu 6 Dec
I was on an episode of Monster Garage in 2002, with Jesse James , it was the last of the pilot series , we built a Firetruck from a Lincoln Towncar Limo . A fun week , it was weird how many people recognize you on the street after just 1 show .
20:24, Thu 6 Dec
The chap who played Gaz on that dreadful Two pints of larger programme once called me a c**t.

Was he right?
21:03, Thu 6 Dec
With a chair leg wedged up your arse
What did the Knights in White satin?
To continue on the subject of referees, my best friend's father is former Premier League referee Mike Reed.

I told Dion Dublin to eff off and renovate a house at the Moors last week although I may have been out of earshot.

I also know Joe Gallagher pretty well but I seldom like to mention it.
22:31, Thu 6 Dec
Great show and to be fair we worked till silly o’clock getting the cars done it’s not too far off what you see on TV Fuzz is a great bloke, Tim Shaw is hard work though he’s a million mph
03:16, Fri 7 Dec
Good stuff lads. Here’s another.

I played football with someone who once caught Simon LeBon’s dog.
03:53, Fri 7 Dec
That Welsh bloke will be along in a minute to tell us that his Mrs has an OBE

“That Welsh bloke” made me smile from ear to ear.
Did I tell you my Mrs has got an MBE off the Queen no
less. :-)

I walked into a curry house in Brum and shared a curry meal
With Phil Collins. Top bloke and paid the bill for 5 of us.

Ive met Prince Charles twice and shared a pint with him in the local last year.

Toured with the Stranglers back in 1980 and met them again this year.

Sat next to Sting and Stephen Fry at The Globe theatre in London.
Had a drink with Sting and Trudy Styler at the interval.

Met loads of bands and artists.
Met Prince Harry 2 years ago.

Shared a joint with Jamiroqui after a gig in Stratford.
Edit: Shared a joint with John Martyn at the Red Lion in Kings Heath.
Met Peter Gabriel back stage at Six of the Best gig with Genesis and helped him offload his costumes into his portakabin. Walked back stage together and had a long chat about the day. Signed my ticket “To Dave, on a wet and windy day, all the best, Pete”

Re Edit: I’ve got the ball that Zidane scored the penalty to beat England with in Portugal Euro’s 2004.
Heskey gave it to my son having just signed for us at the end of the match.
08:10, Fri 7 Dec
And that bloke who sniffed Carol Vordermans arse while she was going up a ladder

Yeah, that was me. I haven't washed my face since either (it was about 1990 :) )

Insanely jealous of you. God I love Carol.
The Usual Suspect
08:17, Fri 7 Dec
Well if you can move past her Labour and Remainer tendencies DB, she's single and putting out at the moment.

17:53, Fri 7 Dec
Fuzz is the star for me, I wish Tim would stop that silly pretend blagging schtick - I don't think anyone actually believes it and it's not really entertaining.
He is good at interacting with the "good cause" and should stick to that IMHO

More drumming in the show Fuzz!
Regards, Mick
I once tried to chat up Kenny Dalgleish’s wife On a night out in Southport many years ago. Didn’t know who she was at the time.

Fair to say my efforts were unsuccessful.
Ooh, I’ve rembered another.played footie against the lead singer of Musical Youth. His shorts came down when I tackled him and he told me I had seen the dark side of the moon.