14:28, Thu 6 Dec
My brother-in-law's best mate caught the clap off Joanna Lumley.
14:43, Thu 6 Dec
Sorry, just to clarify, we smoked individual cigarettes while chatting together, not sharing one. Good job I didn't try to shag her...
15:15, Thu 6 Dec
I had to guard the toilets at the Irish Centre while Daniel O'Donnell was getting changed into his stage suit and I saw his pants.
15:19, Thu 6 Dec
Oh I've just remembered another. I have seen Ian Botham's cock. (pre twitter issues)
15:42, Thu 6 Dec
I've seen him once. They weren't being romantic.

On the telly? (Have you really?)

We were getting ready for our said appearance in front of the camera. I thought that might be self explanatory.

Sheesh, some people have minds in the gutter.
15:46, Thu 6 Dec
My sister is the only person to appear on the Crystal Maze twice.

Pretty sure Richard O'Brien was on there twice, at least.
15:52, Thu 6 Dec
I have, from afar in a well known Irish named pub ...
Stan out of HouseMartins was in my class at school, (always picked last for playground footy) and Daryl Eales who was part of consortium that nearly bought Blues a few years back, went onto to buy Oxford was year above me at school.
Eales owns the Moors now
16:18, Thu 6 Dec
I used to play games on MSN with Nathan Redmond when we were about 14

I also played football down the park with Middlesbrough winger Marvin Johnson a few times when he was about 18, he was untouchable
Eales owns the Moors now
That makes sense as he was from Hall green originally, so Moor Green connection, he probably set fire to grandstand years ago, forward thinking!
16:34, Thu 6 Dec
My Dad was once awarded a trophy by Ann Jones.

Colin McCrae ran over my foot.

I appeared in Doctors, a couple of weeks back.
What did the Knights in White satin?
16:48, Thu 6 Dec
I spent an enjoyable afternoon around 2013 with Shaun William Ryder. Absolutely lovely bloke.

I had a few drinks with David Elleray at the Houses of Parliament around 2006 and chatted about the Enckleman game. Very friendly and chatty. He seemed to quite like the Blues.

I spent a few minutes backstage with The Stone Roses in 1995 and they got us on the guest list. At the time I was dumbstruck.
16:54, Thu 6 Dec
Did you ask him about his performance in the 2001 League Cup final?

I had a few drinks with David Elleray at the Houses of Parliament around 2006 and chatted about the Enckleman game.
17:02, Thu 6 Dec
I think that's where i started yes. I can't remember what he said but we soon got onto the villa game and it was a bit like he was saying 'well I made it up to you.'
When I mentioned the Enckleman goal I remember him saying 'And the first thing I will say is it WAS a goal'