12:07, Thu 6 Dec
12:08, Thu 6 Dec
Brucey favourite to take over
12:22, Thu 6 Dec
i thought our `Arry, only half the journey it was to Brum!
Go for it H, another £2 mill in yr bin! MINIMUM!

12:23, Thu 6 Dec
He could do it while in the jungle 👍
12:57, Thu 6 Dec
Rightly in situations as these, those that appoint the managers should be given their marching orders too.

The cost of paying off multiple managers contracts in such a short period of time is obscene.
13:12, Thu 6 Dec
I'm surprised at this. They didn't spend much in pre-season and have lost once in the last 5 games or so.

Their squad isn't exactly full of untapped quality either.
18:36, Thu 6 Dec
He's got a good record at some massive clubs as a coach but he seems a shit manager.
18:52, Thu 6 Dec
He must have made a hell of a lot of money for being sacked over the last few years.
19:02, Thu 6 Dec
shit manager file him along side next to Cotterill..
17:11, Sun 9 Dec

And the report by Portuguese outlet Record also states Reading's owner Dai Yongge has promised to give Castro around €100m to spend over the the course of the next two transfer windows. 😱
17:18, Sun 9 Dec
What about FFP?
17:23, Sun 9 Dec
Well it never bothered us enough the last few windows either
17:43, Sun 9 Dec
Well it never bothered us enough the last few windows either

We have bought one player for cash in the last two windows. Stop being so constantly determined to see us be in the wrong.
Revere me.
18:02, Sun 9 Dec
Well it never bothered us enough the last three windows either
“In Birmingham’s case they have been summoned to appear before an independent disciplinary commission for recording a loss of approximately £46 million in the period from 2015-16 to 2017-18, an aggregate breach of £7 million, which under the new formula would lead to them losing six points this season.

So planning to double ours, yep aren’t we the fannys.
18:10, Sun 9 Dec
It's wages as well as fees as you very well know. From Zola onwards we spent above our means. No-one else to blame is there ? We are in the wrong, better to be accountable and make sure it doesn't happen again first rather than keep pretending otherwise and wailing about other clubs