“Provided you don’t Kiss Me” - 20 years with Brian Clough by Duncan Hamilton.
Best insider football book that I have ever read. Traces Clough’s triumphs, rows, fall-outs, and alcoholism. Written with sympathy but brutally honest by a young journalist who Clough took into his confidence. Superb read.
21:07, Thu 6 Dec
Fergies book was good. You can see why players would go to war for him.
Alex Higgins. Thought it was a great read. Great stories alround, both snooker related tales and many away from snooker.

An eventful life is an understatement
21:53, Thu 6 Dec
Robin Friday - the greatest footballer you never saw. Loved this book!
22:19, Thu 6 Dec
Martin Johnson’s brilliant

Harry’s isn’t bad either, as is Bobby Charlton

A word of advice, Kevin Petersens is shit
22:36, Thu 6 Dec
Robin Friday - the greatest footballer you never saw. Loved this book!
Steve, read the book but still ended up thinking why the fuss? Reading were mainly old div 3, at that time!
22:47, Thu 6 Dec
Cheers for the tips all
Sonic Youth fan. MBV. If you like feedback that much get a job at the council.
20:40, Fri 7 Dec
whether he likes darts or not.

Bobby George's.....Bobby Dazzler My Story, is a good read.
Don't have to be a cycling fan: 'Racing Through The Dark' by David Millar is astonishing, emotional and ultimately uplifting...


Uplifting? Can't see that. Interesting, definitely. It reads to me like he wouldn't have ever come clean had he not been caught. I love cycling books though, and that is one of my favourites.

When I was reading that I went for a job interview with a leading company in cycling and said I was reading the book. The guy interviewing me said oh have you got to the bit about me yet? I said no. I left the interview, got on the tube and he was the next page and several more after.
The Zlatan one got rave reviews, there is one about cloughy at forest by a local journo, (might be same guy the did Damm united not certain) but its a warts and all story, very sad in parts!
Best one Ive read if he is into cricket is wally hammond by David Foot, incredable story about an absolutely towering cricketer who was a right fanny! Reminded me so much of Kevin Pieterson!

great read though!


Des fires straight in with a suggestion that isn't an autobiography.