07:52, Thu 10 Jan
Don’t think it’s wuite that easy, PP doesn’t last forever, and those residents could and would object if new stand was higher!
No way would blues contemplate moving the boxes either,
So yes I’m in favour but not as simple a task as many suggesting!
08:15, Thu 10 Jan
Those listed buildings are part of Brum's recent history anyway so should remain as they are and not flattened for a football club. Enough damage has been done in Birmingham over the years by councils etc that don't care about local history. Make do with the land we've got as far as I'm concerned. Got to be said though that St Andrews is looking extremely tired at the moment and the fact it was done on the cheap really shows.
09:01, Thu 10 Jan
Yeah but if they object?

"Zulus gonna get ya!"
13:14, Fri 11 Jan
foghorn leghorn
Planning permission has been granted years ago. Its easily done and we could convert that stand into something great.

I could increase the capacity by 3 k, virtually overnight just by ripping out the row of boxes and re-jigging the seating.

They could even make a steep two tiered stand maybe
16:04, Fri 11 Jan
You can as they say polish a turd all you like !!
16:08, Fri 11 Jan
Iggy Plop
You can as they say polish a turd all you like !!

And they come out quite nice

I don't know what the feck you just said little man, but you're special
16:53, Fri 11 Jan
Agree about Plymouth stand. It’s brilliant.
16:58, Fri 11 Jan
Back in the sixties they were in nice condition
They were thinking of listing them because of the unique (art deco ?.?) design.
I understand they were wrecked about ten years ago. Have they restored them?