09:48, Fri 11 Jan
The other one I forgot was the one about Man City in the early eighties chronicling the period where they sacked Allison and appointed John Bond.

That was pretty good.
09:54, Fri 11 Jan
Is there much Camp action in this? Only started watching it for Lee but then lost my way with it a bit just after Coleman came in. I'll get back into it for there's loads of Camp coming up.

Yeah mate shows him messing up a few times and fans going mad,

Interview with him saying he's not 100% but been asked to come in and try his best looks depressed

Coaches saying about the keepers we are stuck with what we've got etc..

The whole place was toxic though, I actually thought Coleman looked like a good bloke.

Grayson looks sooo boring that team talk I would of fell asleep at least Coleman was a bit more lively, Mind I bet it didn't help them shafting him with no money and told to use youth system
18:43, Fri 11 Jan
Went to Exeter when they played Swindon and Phil Brown managed the latter. He took Hull up to the Premiershite but has been on a downward slope ever since.
I was sat behind the managers/subs boxes with my seven year old grandson and it wasn’t a nice experience. He looked like a tramp and stood permanently on the touch line shouting something that was close to, “move, move” constantly throughout the entire match.
Some in the crowd started to mimick him by shouting out, “woof, woof”, including a loud mouth next to my grandson. He was clearly disturbed and asked, what was the strange noise that they were shouting out but understood when I explained it to him.
The Swindon players totally ignored him and, not surprisingly he was sacked a few weeks later. Total nutcase.
18:59, Fri 11 Jan
Peaky Blinders?
10:16, Sat 12 Jan
Huge game for them today vs Luton
11:12, Sat 12 Jan
Got me thinking would you like to watch a Blues version of this or would you find it cringe? Personally I'd love to see it, just shows how poor Sunderland were run and the programme about Man City the exact opposite....

Believe it or not there actually was a behind the scenes Blues documentary made and aired on National TV - think it was the 93-94 season, features a very young Karen Brady, Terry Cooper and Barry Fry and the 1-2 FA Cup defeat to Kiddie. The "Star" of the documentary was a Bluenose Taxi Driver, who they filmed and interviewed in the back of his Black Cab to get the supporters viewpoint. Eerily similar to the Sunderland documentary, we were in the middle of an 18 game winless streak or something like that, and ended up getting relegated.

Does anybody else remember this? Is it on Youtube?