12:47, Fri 11 Jan
Heartlands is my nearest hospital and I am sure I have seen “claim for poor treatment leaflets” around the hospital. How crazy is that..?

It's a sad state of affairs isn't it? Too many people about these days that seem clued up on entitlement but less so on how it was achieved. What kind of moron slips over on a car park and is dialling the injury lawyer before they've hit the ground?
15:09, Fri 11 Jan
Front line staff doctors nurses fantastic - senior management fairly useless, the amount of money wasted is ridiculous as there is no common sense cross check - If three contractors quote £50 for a new lightbulb the cost of the lightbulb is £50 no one can say - but i can get one from Asda for £2.50. When I worked in food industry and needed to get a price increase NHS was always the easiest to get one off.