The correct answer is Jimmy Anderson.
The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue
There's no bigger fan than Ian Botham than me, but yeah.

i believe oldham is quite a big botham fan too, he's seen his penis as well.

Considering what he witnessed as a kid, the era in which he peaked, and his great personality including his emotional side, I'd say so.

look at the era botham was in, richards et al.

coe's records stood for years.

faldo's era was just as strong with the likes of seve yet he was the best golfer in the world for about 5 years.

but daley thompson is the UK's best of the best. FACT.

I completely disagree about Daley Thompson. He was amazing but in a very, very, very niche event.

Running, jumping and throwing is hardly niche, its pretty much as generic as it gets.

It’s the combination of the events that’s niche. Rarely if ever done as an event even at athletics club. And the javelin for example is something only a tiny minority of people will ever do.
And yet there have been Olympic champions from Estonia and Syria in multi-sport events.
I thought he was a fanny - I never liked him.
Typical whinging, sour faced Jock.
The bloke prances around with his little bat for a couple of hours, earning millions and moans because he's got a poorly leg?
Gets a Knighthood and a Mrs who's so far out of his league as well - and people are supposed to feel sorry for him?

Feck him and all who sail in him.

Just thinking about him has put a damper on my day and reminded me that about 5% of my licence fee is going to be wasted again come June, when the BBC plaster that sh1te game all over the tele for a fortnight!

Stupid game played by blokes who can't play football or rugby!
15:03, Fri 11 Jan
Please tell me you're a parody?
15:07, Fri 11 Jan
This happens every time. ‘He hates England’. ‘Whingeing sour faced scot’.

Tedious isn’t it, from our little englanders.
15:13, Fri 11 Jan
"Football fans in double standards" shock.
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
Everyone at my school did javelin.
Revere me.
15:34, Fri 11 Jan
Just a tad.

Interviewer asks Murray " who are you supporting at the World Cup" knowing full well Scotland haven't qualified ( proper bants )
Murray replies with "whoever England are playing" - feckin porridge eating sweaty sock etc.

Every. single. thread.
15:36, Fri 11 Jan
The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue
Everyone at my school did javelin.

Yeah same. Hardly anyone played tennis though
16:59, Fri 11 Jan
The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue
Everyone at my school did javelin.

The chance to chuck a spear was something noone could turn down
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18:07, Fri 11 Jan
The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue
Everyone at my school did javelin.

The chance to chuck a spear was something noone could turn down
You must've gone to a right posh place, throwing the javelin - at Mayploe Comprehensive we had to catch them
Regards, Mick
22:15, Fri 11 Jan
Not read the thread, he's half decent at Les Dennis but can someone explain why he's a 'Sir' now?

22:50, Fri 11 Jan
Incredibly sad, although inevitable news. An amazing competitor with unbelievable “guts” both physically and mentally. No other British sportsmen comes close in those respects, and I doubt we will ever have another tennis player who is even anywhere near his league
what a bloody shame.
ive watched wimbledon since i was a kid,not every match but quite a few,and it was always some overseas player who won it.
henman came along and the was a chance that we could win it,but i never really took to him being a posh nob.
then i saw this young scottish player with long hair who seemed the opposite to henman and was good.
since then i have watched almost of all of his games that have been on terestial tv.
and what a pleasure it has been.
ive lived the emotions of his wimbledon and olympic wins with him,sometimes he looks down and out,but he fights back with true british grit,he fought to the end,just like blues.
i hope he makes it to wimbledon.
and it will probably be my last year.
07:31, Sat 12 Jan
Fat Buddha
Probably the best British sportsman of my lifetime, on so many different levels.

I was there on Centre Court when he won his first Wimbledon.


Better than Best? Charlton? Moore? Cavendish? Wiggins? Calzaghhe? Fury? Wilkinson? Hatton? Froch? Camp?
...Carl Richards