10:43, Fri 8 Feb
Yeah, I appreciate that form isn't the be all and end all, but I've heard a few people say that QPR are in form, yet they haven't won a game since Boxing day (in the league)

Personally I don't think there's a better time to be playing them.

Fire up the Monkmobile
10:44, Fri 8 Feb
Difficult one to call and not a happy hunting ground for Blues in recent times.

QPR fans in the office arenโ€™t exactly overwhelmed by their cup run and still believe they have a chance of making the playoffs. Deluded, certainly. Out of form, maybe? But I canโ€™t see them easing up.

Draw would do for me.
11:26, Fri 8 Feb
We are going to absolutely murder these with our new formation.

They will be knackered from their cup exertions

QPR 1 Blues 4 (Juke 2, Adams, Gardner G)

General bitching post game about missing the kick off after turning up at two minutes to three expecting a personal OAP gate to have been cut through Elsieโ€™s living room at number 24.
11:30, Fri 8 Feb
Not sure a draw is any good to us, to have a sniff of the playoffs we probably need to win the next 3
11:32, Fri 8 Feb
QPR are decent. I'll go 1-1. Jota for us.
11:36, Fri 8 Feb
We keep getting results I don't expect. The last 2 home victories for instance.

The game against Norwich just confirmed in my mind that we were miles off in every respect. Norwich did go on to spank Leeds at Elland Road the following week and look a very good side.

I was glad QPR beat Portsmouth and hopefully they might be a bit distracted.

Blues to win 2 โ€“ 1
11:41, Fri 8 Feb
Clean sheet. Unchanged side.

QPR 0 Blues 1
11:49, Fri 8 Feb
SPQR 1-2 Blues.

Unless Matt Smith plays then 3-2.
13:43, Fri 8 Feb
There's a good review of Blues' season here, sorry if someone has posted it already:

13:54, Fri 8 Feb
Roman , Shakespeare and Valencia

Spot the link !!

I know this one -

they are all named after posters on SHA.

SPQR 1-2 Blues.

๐Ÿ‘ plus points for latin acronyms.
H Bomb on DES "I'm actually ashamed to support the same club as you"
14:22, Fri 8 Feb
Can't see us winning tomorrow, 1-1. Che.
14:28, Fri 8 Feb
2-2 to Blues
Dong Ren out
18:02, Fri 8 Feb
Wor Schteve's Rangers to end our faint playoff dream 1-0 Camp to be blamed. 'Mon u Blues keep proving me wrong.
18:05, Fri 8 Feb
Have you predicted a win at all this season?
18:11, Fri 8 Feb
Have you predicted a win at all this season?

As SHA worst tipster I can't bring myself to jinx them. So far it seems to be working a lot of the time so I'm not going to rock the boat. Don't think I have predicted us to win yet. ๐Ÿ˜