21:54, Sun 10 Feb
Amazes me the amount of people come 32 mins who are getting out of their seat to hit the bar.

Leaving a few mins early is personal preference, I realise it's frowned upon by many but sodding off and missing 15 mins of the first half to be first in line for a shit pint is just madness. I think it's funny when we score and they're all stood in a queue at the bar.

Problem is if you wait until half time you miss 15 minutes of the second half.

It really is a shambles, no idea why they can’t pre pour. It’s not exactly hard to track your demand and sales during that half time period.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
22:25, Sun 10 Feb
I just don't bother with beer in the ground. I'll have a coffee or a pie sometimes, but I won't queue for ever for a pint of fosters.
I went to stourbridge fc yesterday. Spent the whole game with a good pint in my hand. Don't go to football to drink, but I got the taste for it yesterday.
I'm going tomorrow night and will do the same. Not overly expensive either.
It's great to be able to watch football with a pint.
That was liquid football!
00:15, Mon 11 Feb
I think most Blues fans want a pie and a pint of Carling, so why should the club bother to attempt anything more adventurous?

So the club sells fosters ...... there’s a clue
00:24, Mon 11 Feb
Hi,Swallow does all lagers,and stocks a large range of beers,so it would be blues going for fosters.kro

Are we still tied into a deal with Heineken? I know they paid to do out the legends lounge and stuff a few years ago and they were a club partner. They hold the European license to brew fosters hence why we always had fosters.