09:23, Tue 12 Feb
I would fight the points and gamble on going up this season, personally. How often do you see teams with an outside chance at promotion come into form and carry that momentum into the playoffs. We have a galvanised squad already.

If we fail, we always have the option of selling Adams for big money in the summer. Doesn’t that then mean the issue goes away and we start afresh anyway?
The elusive Wang
09:31, Tue 12 Feb
I think we've a much better chance of going up next season starting on 0 points, with 3 or 4 clever signings, then we do of going up this season from our current position (most likely 7 points adrift needing over 2 points per game)

If we must have points deducted then this season, definitely.
09:36, Tue 12 Feb
disagree. if we get 12 points take it now and we will almost certainly stay up and can start again next season. if we fail to get promoted this season which is odds on then starting next season -12 would not be a walk in the park and demoralising to the players and hope of ever getting decent players.

Spot on. Not sure what this huge momentum some people are referring to is all about? We win one match of every three we play. It's hardly tearing up the league is it.
09:49, Tue 12 Feb
I don't know about huge, but as long as we're winning games and can catch the play-off sides, we're in with a shout.

It's no more ridiculous than assuming we will go from strength to strength next season. Nobody knows what will happen during the summer. Players could be sold and we may end up with a bunch of inferior replacements. If we have a chance of reaching the big time then we should grab it with both hands.
The elusive Wang
10:20, Tue 12 Feb
Fair enough, but I disagree. Blues won't finish in the top six and when that situation unfolds there's no way Monk would be here at the start of next season on -12.
I think we need to look a bit longer term here.
10:43, Tue 12 Feb
I expect a point deduction & a fine.
If there's a chance of us going up, the EFL will bring the punishment sooner.
If they want some money in their pocket, they will make sure all punishment goes through this season, just so they don't miss out on anything, if we do go up.
11:55, Tue 12 Feb
this season
11:56, Tue 12 Feb
The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue
I think we are massively improving and reckon we have a really strong chance of doing very well next season. I think we will fall short this season.

Take the hit now and hope other clubs are treated in a similar manner if they break the rules.

This is the sensible answer.

We won't make the playoffs this year but we've given it a good go.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
12:21, Tue 12 Feb
Take em this season and start hopefully a few points ahead of a couple of clubs on day one next year. A 4 win handicap next year isn't worth the gamble that we might just end up scraping enough together to buy a lottery ticket..

If however we could keep appealing, fighting and delaying whilst seeing how the points tally goes, I think the later in the season we can make the call the easier the decision will be
13:03, Tue 12 Feb
If the rumoured points deduction of 12 points is true would you prefer it to be implemented this year wiping out any chance of the playoffs but with little chance of relegation or would you prefer to start next season on -12

Not sure the EFL can deduct points if we're in the Premier League, but either way, this season.

If I'd had known about the points deduction, I wouldn't have bought a season ticket this season, and since I found out, it's taken the shine off the whole thing.

What I really want is, if any other club does the same thing, or worse things like Bolton, then they get caned also.
13:20, Tue 12 Feb
This season