21:55, Sat 9 Feb
The forward line of my youth too. Their names were amongst others lovingly embroidered on my knitted blue and white scarf.

RIP Fred. 😢
21:56, Sat 9 Feb
I loved Fred Pickering. He was immense.
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22:03, Sat 9 Feb
Antonio Gramsci
I loved Fred Pickering. He was immense.

Truely great player RIP.
22:04, Sat 9 Feb
Great touch for a big centre forward, very classy.
22:39, Sat 9 Feb
Until about 1973, where there was a colour clash in the Cup, both teams changed colours. There were a couple of occasions when Vile borrowed our shirts. There’s colournfootage of us in white against Huddersfield in yellow.

When we played Chelsea in the thirties we both wore striped kits.

RIP big man.
22:56, Sat 9 Feb
RIP big Fred.

Just read this and brought a year to my eyes. The first centre forward i had the pleasure of watching.

I will raise a glass to the memories.
22:58, Sat 9 Feb
As a tribute to Fred Pickering I suggest we all go to the game on Tuesday with the waistband of our trousers rolled over
Southside Blue , not only keeping the blues alive but also singlehandedly saving the British Manufacturing Industry .
23:07, Sat 9 Feb
I was on the Tilton for that Chelsea F.A. Cup Match. Chelsea fans had got into the back of The Tilton throwing missiles. I got hit with a tin of baked beans.

The crowd was 52.000 for that game.

R.I.P. Fred. Many great memories.
23:09, Sat 9 Feb
Rest in peace Fred KRO- the Fred’s
23:12, Sat 9 Feb
Artist has had his trousers like that for the past 40 odd years.

RIP Fred , will always remember him after the Rotherham away game mid sixties.
The team coach pulled in somewhere on the way back and Fred refusing autographs with a fag in his gob.

Shocked - but he was still an idol.
Rosie ....Ohh Rosie ....I'd like to paint your knickers Blue and White !
23:25, Sat 9 Feb
Me too a hero as a school kid , what a strike force we had back then, RIP Fred.
23:45, Sat 9 Feb
Come on within ....

RIP big Fred
You've not seen nothing like Fred Pickering !!!
Great player RIP
23:48, Sat 9 Feb
A sad loss. We’re privileged to have Fred as one of our old boys. A prolific goal scorer with better than a 50% goals to games ratio in his 1st 7 pro seasons. And a hat trick on his England debut.
A great inspiration for one of our best ever chants.
He came so close to picking up an FA Cup winner’s medal with us.
RIP, Fred. You were special.
00:05, Sun 10 Feb
I suggest we sing his chant on Tuesday night in tribute.
00:27, Sun 10 Feb
I suggest we sing his chant on Tuesday night in tribute.

That’s a great shout. Roj. Let’s make it happen. Immediately after the PA announcement.
I cherish our heritage, and I’m so proud when the Tilton do, too. Sing it loud!