09:22, Mon 11 Feb
Boo or clap!?
Twitter: @vivacb2

Proven wrong on: N/A
Go on then, why would anyone ever boo him?

Why is it a question?
09:26, Mon 11 Feb
Why would anyone Boo him?

Always ran his heart out for us and didn't leave in bad circumstances
Agreed, scored some vital goals under the GR era. I'd never boo anyone who gave his all for Blues...which is why I never booed Savage.
09:30, Mon 11 Feb
Anyone who boos him is a moron.
09:31, Mon 11 Feb
He put his body on the line for us and ran his balls off. Not a natural finisher, not a particularly gifted footballer, but never shirked and had a massive heart, and played through several injuries too. Absolute epitome of Blues. Clap all day long.
09:31, Mon 11 Feb
09:32, Mon 11 Feb
A good club servant and still playing and scoring at his age.

Its a clap from me.
09:33, Mon 11 Feb
Anyone who boos him is a moron.

This with knobs on stupid question
09:35, Mon 11 Feb
But then I realised who asked the question
09:38, Mon 11 Feb
And still bite 🙄
09:41, Mon 11 Feb
I will clap and then boo after he scores.
No future.....
09:44, Mon 11 Feb
so everytime he has played against us we have clapped and cheered him especially at Bolton earlier in the season when he came over to acknowledge the blues fans - but tonight we are suddenly going to boo him ?
09:46, Mon 11 Feb
Donaldson was brilliant for us overall. Shame he left as I did I liked him.

He seemed to be friends with mags too. I wonder if they still keep in touch?
09:46, Mon 11 Feb