Only seen the 2nd half but it is a crap watch
21:33, Wed 13 Mar
The last few weeks, bar Bristol away, we have been awful in most games. The last three home games have been absolutely abysmal, and Hull away we were dross as well. Worrying times...
21:34, Wed 13 Mar
Only seen the 2nd half but it is a crap watch

You were lucky, first half was far worse.
21:36, Wed 13 Mar
Jukey baby came very close there.
21:45, Wed 13 Mar
First half woeful performance cost us, to make things worse vile win and Rotherham get a 95th minute winner, concerned.
22:02, Wed 13 Mar
What you're seeing is a combination of a limited squad, who've worked hard all season, starting to tire and starting to be found out by other teams.

Without the points deduction I wouldn't be overly concerned. If we get 6 deducted, we should still be ok. 12 and we are right back to the last 2 seasons.

Completely agree. We have been found out big time.

We were brain dead though.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
23:12, Wed 13 Mar
This is absolutely atrocious. Cotterill level bad.

They're clearly shagged out.

We're going to be in a relegation battle come the deduction and we don't look like we've got the fight for it.

It really was cotterill level tonight.