20:32, Wed 13 Mar
I will say it again Wes Harding is like a kid who has won a competition

Been caught out of position a few times
20:34, Wed 13 Mar
Why do we insist on lumping the ball to Vassell, who has, unsurprisingly. lost every one to a guy a foot taller and 2 stone heavier than him
20:34, Wed 13 Mar
I disagree. We've been shit for years. If not for the deduction we'd be mid table, where we should be with our squad. He's had to endure so much shit and I think he's done well.
20:35, Wed 13 Mar
Mix of a draining game, a day’s less rest, and almost no alternatives. A squad is as good as its reserves and whereas some teams have subs’ benches worth £££s we have a free transfer from Sweden.

Yeah ? ... like Moneybags Millwall ?
20:36, Wed 13 Mar
Christ this is depressing.
20:36, Wed 13 Mar
Did you not see the 10's of millions Millwall spent on their squad?

Neither did I.
20:36, Wed 13 Mar
Monk needs to start earning his corn.

I think you mean the players. Shocking for the last month, tbh, and let us, monk and themselves down against *illa again.
20:36, Wed 13 Mar
A grim 45, yet we seemed to start pretty well. GM needs to get his thinking cap on here, I can accept us losing to anyone, that's how this division is but feck me that was poor. Millwall doing a blues on us.
20:36, Wed 13 Mar
This is absolutely atrocious. Cotterill level bad.

They're clearly shagged out.

We're going to be in a relegation battle come the deduction and we don't look like we've got the fight for it.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
20:37, Wed 13 Mar
Not happy with the fans booing the players off at half time far too v***a for my liking. But that was utter, unmitigated gash. Still plenty of time to get back in it I suppose...
20:37, Wed 13 Mar
Exactly. Not sure how old Morrison is now but we bought him for millions years ago 😎
20:38, Wed 13 Mar
We better go and find another great big lump of a centre forward because we can only play one way .
20:38, Wed 13 Mar
A dire and truly brainless performance so far, anyone booing should be fecking ashamed of themselves though

Get Jota on at half time and start passing the ball on the floor
God we are desperately in need of some proper players this team has had it? a few need to be moved on we need to spend millions in the summer to even think about being competitive again in this league these players are just basically not good enough.
20:39, Wed 13 Mar
They shouldn't be though. Vass, Mrabti, Mahoney, GG should all be fresh, that's almost half the outfield players. Wes has barely played this season either.
Don't know what it is.