09:05, Thu 14 Mar
jeez that's awful, what a c**t who did that to him
AnE - conspiracy theorist, ardent viler-hater, nutjob cyclist, Cubie-bater, go-to iconoclast
I cannot believe what i have just seen on the Birmingham Mail site. Villa on Villa. Absolutely sickening and my heart genuinely goes out to the victim.

This holier than thou football club whose fans think they are far superior to everyone else.

Disgusting. Scum doesn't do it justice.
"supporters should be patient a little while longer - sunshine days are just around the corner."
Ken Wheldon - March 18th 1988
19:54, Thu 14 Mar
It seems the victim was attacked first so out of respect to him it is only fair to say he didn't start the fighting and only fought back after the incident occurred.
"supporters should be patient a little while longer - sunshine days are just around the corner."
Ken Wheldon - March 18th 1988
Greebo joe
Nailed on blues win with us helping the scum 😉
You forget, our away form is better than our home form. Our one dimensional style suits.
Blues 1-0.
Be mindful of ourselves, not of others....
Anyone got anymore links to stories of villa fans behaving badly?

After being ripped apart by a villa mate on Sunday, about every single one of us Blues fans being total scum, that was 100% represented by the typical Bluenose that run on the pitch and gave villa fans enough ammo against us to supply the allied forces in WW2... anyone got anymore tales of horribleness carried out by villa fans?
I've kind of made it my mission to link him at least one story a day involving his fellow fans being pretty scummy, and invite discussion upon it.
Tales of pitch invasions, knifes, face slashing and attacking West Bromwich Albion players on the pitch (and attempted upon David Davis too), have gone his way.

To be fair, he's pretty fair minded and has accepted these acts as scummy.
But I want to make sure he's got the point.
I feel there is hope for this one to potentially get his head removed from his backside, unlike a few of them.
That was liquid football!
11:31, Fri 15 Mar
Oh God here we go.

Have a good weekend ...
11:33, Fri 15 Mar
I don't have a link, but there was a story yesterday on facebook of a v***a fan slashing the face of another v***a fan on Wednesday night after they got off the coach in Erdington after coming back from Forest. It may have been in the Evening Mail.
11:38, Fri 15 Mar
Does dumping your sister by text and then going with your other sister count ?
Southside Blue , not only keeping the blues alive but also singlehandedly saving the British Manufacturing Industry .
11:39, Fri 15 Mar
Don't waste your time on him - it's just not worth it.