13:52, Thu 14 Mar
Exactly, we aren't blessed with a squad the size of viles, we ain't blessed with a squad that are all technicians who spray the ball about all day from a 10 yard zone in the middle.
So we play the only way we can that allows us to compete, high pressing, high energy, non stop work.
Of course they are going to get leggy over a season, anyone that thinks not is just being daft, tbh.
14:23, Thu 14 Mar
Oh that's ok then.
14:25, Thu 14 Mar
Yes, as a bare minimum but really disappointed how bad we are at home.
14:28, Thu 14 Mar
Shocking isn't it, just a few games ago we'd hardly been beaten at home in months. How dare other teams come to our ground and beat us. We must have a word with them.

I'm sure you recall when we were really poor, even then we sometimes beat teams (nearly all above us at the time). How dare they lose to rubbish teams like we were
14:33, Thu 14 Mar
I’m totally amazed by the constant assertion that the players are knackered or exhausted.
These are professional athletes who have specialist trainers to ensure that they are at the peak of their fitness with a team of medics whose job it is to treat any injuries.
Most teams in the EFL get by on the players available to them. If ours are “knackered” it means that the trainers aren’t doing their job or, more likely, that the players are not putting in a full shift on the pitch.
1. It's "relatively" speaking. Because we had an emotionally draining game 3 days before, we might have been at 95% efficiency, whereas Millwall might have been at 97%. That has an effect over the piece. Still means though that they'd be exponentially fitter than us.

2. Take a look at the programmes this season and try to find a team whose squad list is shorter than ours...
14:41, Thu 14 Mar
Yeah, I agree, it is unacceptable but I am glad you are happy to lose to these teams.

Everyone to their own I suppose.
14:49, Thu 14 Mar
We both know I didn't say I was happy.Don't let that get in the way though 🙈