09:40, Thu 14 Mar
It's just inconceivable isn't it after this season? Chasing the playoffs and running out of steam as most expected.

Saying that, if strongly rumoured we're hit with a 12 point deduction we could 2 points off the drop zone- or even in it come this weekend.

Has this team got the energy to lift themselves and change their mindset from plucky over achievers to relegation battle?

I'm not saying I think it's going to happen but it's looking a possibility.

It could be the most Blues thing to happen in our history.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
09:47, Thu 14 Mar
Remember how after the Carling cup, people were saying "we won't go down, we just need a couple of wins from those last 6 games, piece of piss"...
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
09:52, Thu 14 Mar
I think there's a low, but non-zero probability.
09:52, Thu 14 Mar
IF we get a 12 point deduction and we carry on making as many poor decisions in a game and play as badly again as last night, then yes it's a possibility.

Typical Blues innit.
09:55, Thu 14 Mar
The big change that’s happened with our recent dip in form isn’t that we’re out of the play offs as it stands, but - as you say - looking over our shoulders at the bottom three after a points deduction.

If we’d have had a few more points, we could have taken the points deduction on the chin and moved on. Now - although I’m clueless on the appeals procedure- the club are going to have to move heaven and earth to try to get the punishment reduced and/ or delayed to next season, which doesn’t bode well for 2019/20.

I think if we get the full 12 points this season, we probably will go down, yes. It’ll take one hell of an effort to avoid it.
10:03, Thu 14 Mar
Of course we could. The maths are both simple and stark, based on a much talked about 12 point deduction. This doesn't mean that I think that we will, as there is still plenty in our favour:
1. If the points deduction is only 6 points or even 9 points, which it could well be following arbitration, that would feel far more comfortable.
2. It is not unreasonable to think that a team that has averaged 1.35 pts per game over 3/4 of the season will be good enough to amass the 1 pt per game average needed in the remaining games to pretty much guarentee safety.
3. We are currently in a good state regarding injuries - clearly this could change.
I know that I haven't factored in the psychological angle but I'm of the opinion that this bunch of players, under this manager are likely to step up to the challenge rather than whither. It's only natural to worry and the worst could definitely happen but I haven't put any money on it (despite the very generous odds currently being offered).
10:10, Thu 14 Mar
Well we should find out very soon, apparently the hearing is today or tomorrow, I just wanna know now so I know whether to buckle up for a shit relegation battle or relax.

The way this season has transformed in the last week is proper proper shite.
10:11, Thu 14 Mar
We're having a bad patch. We'll bounce back.
10:17, Thu 14 Mar
Remember how after the Carling cup, people were saying "we won't go down, we just need a couple of wins from those last 6 games, piece of piss"...

We had Big Effin Eck then. We have Monk now.

This lot won’t be spending the next couple of months on the piss, and if they need to find renewed energy, they will
12:13, Thu 14 Mar
Remember how after the Carling cup, people were saying "we won't go down, we just need a couple of wins from those last 6 games, piece of piss"...

We had 12 games to play after the League Cup final in 2011 36 points .As it turns out we only needed 6 to stay up on GD and send Wolves down . We took five .
12:30, Thu 14 Mar
Whatever the points deduction may or may not be I say we take any deduction this season and just move on.

That way we know 100% where we stand and what we need to do.
Turn left when you get on a plane.
12:42, Thu 14 Mar
Yes we could, depending on the points deduction we get. If we lose 12 points we would be just 2 points above the drop with our next 4 games being Preston, wba, Leeds & Sheff Utd...no worries.
13:48, Thu 14 Mar
Personally I dont think the EFL will want to hand down any deduction that can be seen in retrospect to have been in full or in part the cause of our relegation .I dont think they would want to have to weather the shitstorm of litigation that would undoubtedly follow

So 6 now and 6 suspended is my guess
13:51, Thu 14 Mar
I’m sure Mayor has covered this a 1000 times before - apologies - is there any chance the deduction could apply to next season instead?
14:02, Thu 14 Mar
It could, yes, but that would be very silly and a disaster for us. The last statement from the EFL indicated they intended to apply any punishment this season. Furthermore, we or anyone else could fail again and could lose points again, likewise if a suspended punishment was breached. If it is points, at some stage they have to come off. Can't keep kicking the can down the road.