16:12, Wed 3 Apr
David Xavis
I don't think any ref could be named without someone calling him useless or a plonker

Exactly. Name me one anyone likes.

People have moaned for weeks on here, then we get a proper highly regarded premier league ref and it's still not enough.
17:11, Wed 3 Apr
We'll see. This fecker has been seen punching the air on the pitch, he's a belmer, thinks he's part of the draw
17:31, Wed 3 Apr
Mike Dean will be the most entertaining aspect of the game for us on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing what performance he pulls out as he gives Leeds a penalty to make it 4-0
17:33, Wed 3 Apr
We ought to sign him up.
17:06, Sat 6 Apr
Did nothing wrong. Hysteria, premature.
Revere me.
17:09, Sat 6 Apr
Yes hold my hands up today, the stoppage time was warranted as well so can't grumble
17:11, Sat 6 Apr
We ought to sign him up.

Missed a foul on Camp, putting us under un-needed pressure, but not as bad as I have seen.
It's easier to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission.
17:20, Sat 6 Apr
He was ok today. He let the game flow no faffing about like some of the refs this season.
Well done that man.👏
Was excellent in the cup final for us, the offside is the linesman's decision wasn't it was you donuts.

Very good today, can tell he wasn't EFL.

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
17:42, Sat 6 Apr
Ref was good today for a change
Best ref we've had all season
even though he is a fanny
Best ref we've had all season
even though he is a fanny

Thought he was decent imo, better than the crap we have had of late
18:49, Sat 6 Apr
Maybe he's got better with age.
I wasn't overly keen when he was announced as the ref for today, but thought he reffed it really well today - credit where its due as we've had some sh*te ref's this season.
18:53, Sat 6 Apr
I think you could clearly see the standard of referee was much higher than normal today