16:42, Sat 13 Apr
Cov beating Sunerlan, 5-4
16:42, Sat 13 Apr
This will be the Ipswich side desperate to avoid relegation today?
Least it gives you summat to moan about.
16:43, Sat 13 Apr
However did they get any points this season? The whole league must be fuming, fuming I tell ya
16:43, Sat 13 Apr
Previous 2 games taken there toll on Blues I reckon, we've shown brief glimpses of good stuff.7
16:44, Sat 13 Apr
Would love it if we can snatch this game, would see us safe, 1st half we were great but needed the second goal, this second half has even
Good save by Camp
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
From the sound of it a point would be good now.
16:49, Sat 13 Apr
Rotherham equalise ffs
16:50, Sat 13 Apr
How sh it are Stoke?
16:51, Sat 13 Apr
Woeful from stoke letting a 2-0 slip at home to them
16:51, Sat 13 Apr
Really, really, really shit.
16:51, Sat 13 Apr
Can we buy this Jackson fella?
16:52, Sat 13 Apr
Mags on, Mr Abti off.
16:54, Sat 13 Apr
I hate to say it but Pedersen isn't very good is he?
16:57, Sat 13 Apr
You having a laugh?
He's made the most interceptions in the Championship.