14:53, Sat 13 Apr
Could be 3 across the middle with Jota playing behind the front 2

That would be bold away from home ... but i'd support it
15:08, Sat 13 Apr
Get in 1-0 Juke
15:09, Sat 13 Apr
Not a bad start.
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
15:09, Sat 13 Apr
Get in Jukey!!!
15:09, Sat 13 Apr
Brilliant run and pass from Colin !!
15:10, Sat 13 Apr
Come on me babbies !
15:10, Sat 13 Apr
Great start.
15:10, Sat 13 Apr
Go on Jukey!! Lovely play from French Colin.
15:10, Sat 13 Apr
Cracking from Colin.
Revere me.
15:14, Sat 13 Apr
Nearly a Jukey second then. We're playing really well so far. Ipswich look really flat.

Hope we put em to the sword.
15:14, Sat 13 Apr
Jota looking pure class so far
15:19, Sat 13 Apr
Gary Gards has been ace too 👍🏻

Mrabti probably shoulda scored.
15:20, Sat 13 Apr
Reading and QPR both winning, concerned? nah.
15:22, Sat 13 Apr
Sounds like Jota is back on form?
15:23, Sat 13 Apr
We've haven't been in danger of relegation at all.