11:19, Sun 14 Apr
But they will also know the clock is ticking at the end of the season.
11:19, Sun 14 Apr
But not selling Che this summer is not an option because otherwise we will fail P & S again in July and clubs know this. I reckon we will get shafted on the price for Che.
13:38, Sun 14 Apr
I would rather not sell Che and take the points hit in that case. Somebody might be able to correct me but was it only 9 points because we absolutely smashed the limit? And if we were only say 3-4mil over it would be less points? Honestly no idea if that is the case.

Overall point being if we got low balled i would rather take a 3 point hit and then keep che. Tell him to give us 1 more season and we will sell him the year after when 1. we should be able to get a better price if not over the limits 2. we would hopefully not be miles over the limit if we have cut wage costs this summer.

If it would definitely be another 9 then it becomes a much trickier choice.
13:40, Sun 14 Apr
But by your logic if we promise to sell him in 12 months teams will know that and bid low
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
13:45, Sun 14 Apr
doesnt always work like that. Liverpool did the same thing with Coutinho and got 100+ million. Man U did the same with Ronaldo and broke records at the time.

Not saying Che is at that level but an agreement between player and club that they will sell at end of the season doesnt mean a low transfer fee