21:53, Sun 14 Apr
Can no longer go so 2 adult tickets going spare if anyone’s missed out.

Face value
Great album, but I’ll swap you Both Sides if you like?
22:14, Mon 15 Apr
Is this game a 6 pointer, but only if we lose? Very confusing.
22:56, Mon 15 Apr
If Blues and Swansea win on Friday, Rotherham Away becomes a ‘no pointer’.

23:37, Mon 15 Apr
Yeah a draw will be enough to keep us up. If Rotherham lose to Swansea and even if we lose to Derby we will be fine as long as we don't lose to Rotherham. That would keep us 6 points ahead with just 2 games left and a superior goal difference.
06:13, Tue 16 Apr
What if they play their Joker?
looking for 2 tickets for Rotherham away.

one under 18 if possible if not no worries, even if you have one please message me

thank you
14:21, Wed 17 Apr
Who are they playing?
H Bomb on DES "I'm actually ashamed to support the same club as you"
14:23, Wed 17 Apr
Someone was flogging some on here the other day, scroll through the threads.
14:31, Wed 17 Apr
Phil Collins fan, wasn't it?
Ive got a spare if anyone wants one, a tenner to GH foundation secues it. Can get ticket to you at ground tomorrow at match.
Pm me
Fair play
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
Just doing a beg to see if anyone has a spare ticket for Rotherham. Obviously happy to pay.
14:51, Sun 21 Apr
So this isn't pay on the gate then?

These lower league clubs must have money stashed everywhere.