17:51, Mon 15 Apr
Taking a more positive view a win for us on Good Friday and a defeat for Rotherham at Swansea means we are safe (9 point gap between us and a goal difference gap of over 30 goals with just 3 games left).

Also the most points Rotherham have achieved across any 4 consecutive games this season is just 7...so the chances are not that great that they’re going to get more than 47 points...
22:23, Mon 15 Apr
I'd be happier if the management team were given new contracts instead of having Dong smashing up rooms when we lose 😂 Trying to figure out what this lot will do next seems impossible, who knows what they'll do?
22:32, Mon 15 Apr
Our record is atrocious against the sides around us.

I'd feel more confident if we had the top 4 and Derby as our last few games.

No its not
Against teams below us its
p9 w4 d2 L3 14pts from 27
Include 2 teams above us its
P13 w7 d3 L3 24pts from 39
Against top 4 and derby
P9 w2 d4 L3 10pts from 27