10:20, Mon 15 Apr
A company called Green Monkey CBD, based in Birmingham are giving out thousands of free cans of their cannabis oil infused drink at the game on Friday.

Paul Scholes could find Madeline Mccann with a pass
10:33, Mon 15 Apr
Sounds like 'shit'
Rosie ....Ohh Rosie ....I'd like to paint your knickers Blue and White !
10:34, Mon 15 Apr
Apparently the police are pretty relaxed about it...
12:18, Mon 15 Apr
I can see half of them ending up in the Derby end 😉
15:18, Mon 15 Apr
Let's hope we can finish the afternoon on a high
Keeping Right On since 1981
17:00, Mon 15 Apr
They'd give more than that out in Vile's dressing room thanks to Greasy
Into The Shadows playing live at Brierley Civic Hall - Thursday 2nd May....
20:59, Sun 21 Apr
what was the verdict on these cannabis drinks? seemed to wake the tilton end up!
Keeping Right On since 1981