15:05, Mon 15 Apr
The midfielder faces six months on the sidelines due to injury

15:06, Mon 15 Apr
FFS anyone but him. Proper fecked now.
Contract expires in the summer according that sad excuse of a newspaper.
His contract does expire this summer..
15:27, Mon 15 Apr
he made 42 appearences for Blues and looked a parks player in everyone, got himself sent off at VP in an effort to make some sort of contribution.
when I get round to picking the most underwealming signings at Blues, he will get a mench!
Gary Jones
Stewart Barrowclough
Kendo Nagasaki
Tony Van mierlo
Bud Brocken
Bart Grimeck (bart simpson would have been much better.
Neil Freeman
David Bentley

I could go on for hours but want to spare you the misery.

nothing to worry about then Musername...unless we do what we did to Kief (deservedly so) and take the option of 1 year extension of course.
18:51, Mon 15 Apr
Still, decent insurance claim 👍
18:54, Mon 15 Apr
The disrespect on this thread is sickening.
22:12, Mon 15 Apr
Clicked that link only to see a pic of Che Adams, feckin Birmingham live chunts
22:47, Mon 15 Apr

True that because he got injured on international juty we should get paid out by Senegal.

Either way if we get 40k x 12 weeks, nearly 1/2 million that we can claim, as I think we were paying all his wages?!