19:44, Wed 1 May
Yeah agree re the white walker turning round. It's seems that Jon Snow saw her as well and he confronts the dragon to distract it so she can get to the garden.

Havimv seen it suggested and watching it back he probably is shouting 'Go, go' to Arya rather than just screaming at a dead dragon.
Revere me.
20:54, Wed 1 May
Varys has been pointless for ages now, he’s just there to crack jokes.
21:01, Wed 1 May
Most of them tend to shatter when they're killed, so I don't think she would be able to. However I think the flicker of the wind through the walker's hair just before, suggested that she sneaked past in apposed to tricked her way through. The foreshadowing was there when she creeped up on John at the Godswood and earlier in the episode when it showed how quiet she can be.

I like the theory doing the rounds that John was signalling for her to go when he confronted the dragon. Didn't really think much of it at the time, but he does seem to shout something inaudible in bursts.

I think Varys will have a purpose. Melisandre said "he needs to die in this strange country" like her.. So potentially he has a role to fulfill before accepting death, similar to Melisandre.
21:14, Fri 3 May
he episode did seem a bit of a let down, agree with all the battle as too dark, but then it’s about making it seem confused and hectic, which the battle would have been.



the cinematographer has come out and said "we should have tuned our tvs correctly, it was lit perfectly"!

Absolute dipshit forgot the basic of checking what it looks like on a normal tv screen.

I used to do music production many moons ago and it was drummed in from an early age, that you always check how it sounds on the shittest sound system - well you actually test on a range.

But this dipshit deflects his huge eff up on us plebs not tuning our teles - fkin cock

Nope, the state of some of you lot, just rewatched it for the 3rd time on my not the latest smartphone... brilliant picture and sound...not too dark, just perfect for the mood. Awesome TV, in every way.
07:58, Wed 8 May
I thought episode 4 was excellent (starbuck coffee cup at winterfell aside)

Danaerys is going full on mad Queen as she has lost all the closest people to her and she is seemingly so close to what she sees as her destiny but is seeing it all erode around her.

Westeros will burn.
08:16, Wed 8 May
I thought it was god awful. So many stupid moments.

Sansa & Dany still bickering is getting boring.
Arya & Sansa find out about Jon but we don't see any of their reaction, wtf?
How did Dany not see that fleet of Greyjoy ships from where she was?
Why didn't Cersei kill Dany/Tyrion etc at the end?
They killed off Bronn's character arc through the whole show in that one scene with Jaime/Tyrion.
08:21, Wed 8 May
Cersei could have wiped out Dany there and then. Stupid that she didn’t.
08:26, Wed 8 May
why didn't Dany change direction and go for the ships from behind or from above?
Check the arrow firing machines on top of the castle walls, no way they could be fired as there wasn't space for a person to stand behind the firing mechanism.
Again, the dragons could have swooped, Stuka dive bomb style, and taken these out from above.
How did Cersei get hold of Missandei when everyone else landed on the beach.
I would have left Brienne, I wouldn't have touched her in the first place.
Just what is the point of Bran? Is he ever go to do anything interesting?

Other than that I'm enjoying the new series.
09:13, Wed 8 May
Yet another terrible, poorly written episode.

That's three times now where Euron has gleefully come out of nowhere and deus-ex-machina'd yet another of Daenerys' armies.

Many called it in the last episode of course. It would be another stupid ambush where no-one sees big-ass ships - forget the 30KM horizon and clear sunny day. Yep, it's gonna be ballestae arrows shot from a whole mile away that will hit the dragon multiple times with pinpoint accuracy, because, why not? The other dragon then proceeds to be protected by plot armour as the aforementioned accuracy goes out the window with Euron missing from 15 feet several times. Not to mention the elite seal team 6 with scuba suits who somehow extracted Missandei alone from the wreckage. And why wouldn't Daenerys just fly up, out of range, and flank the fleet for an easy annihilation? Oh that's right, because Euron was meant to win easily <shakes head>.

This show has gone stupid, and beyond rushed. They could at least provide some character development on Euron - who's way better in the books - rather than presenting a roadshow version of Jack Sparrow who wipes out entire armies without suffering a scratch himself. What a crying shame such an intelligent show ended up like this.
09:44, Wed 8 May
I don't think GRRM cares at this point. Hasn't released a book in nearly a decade and I'd assume that he looks at the script for the show.
10:04, Wed 8 May
Its unravelling at an alarming rate. The last series was rushed but this one feels increasingly like they couldn't be arsed.

Someone talked about Bron's story arc but the story arc for the single greatest menace Westeros has ever seen went something like this:

Series 1: Winter is coming
2: Winter is coming
3: Winter is coming
4: Winter is coming
5: Winter finally arrives properly for the first time albeit still north of the wall (Hardhome)
6: Winter advances a bit more and Hodor and Max von Sydow die
7: Winter gets its own dragon and bursts through the previously magical wall
8: Winter arrives at Winterfell and 90 minutes later its f***ing spring.

This is what I think is going to annoy me the most once its all over and done with.
10:21, Wed 8 May
Not just aimed at you Lumbers, but I think people are overthinking it a bit and going Geek Defcon 4 on here 😁.
It's just a bit of escapism, it's not a history, dragons and witches aren't real - I think it's great, probably helps I haven't read the books as well though, tbf.
10:31, Wed 8 May
Not the best episode and it does feel as if the ‘goodies’ battle plans are increasingly rubbish; however, I guess that is so they could even u the forces a little bit, or give the advantage to Cersei. Would have been way too easy to just have two dragons go and burn them all. They saw what happened before when the dragons attacked the Lannister army without ay protection. Although they have bolstered their forces pretty quickly.
Another decent breakdown of the episode here: -

It's always easier to believe something than understand it.
11:18, Wed 8 May
Not just aimed at you Lumbers, but I think people are overthinking it a bit and going Geek Defcon 4 on here 😁.
It's just a bit of escapism, it's not a history, dragons and witches aren't real - I think it's great, probably helps I haven't read the books as well though, tbf.

😁 Not quite geek defcon 4 (yet). Its not like its The Last Jedi
11:32, Wed 8 May
It's good that they've gotten the Night king and his army of the undead out of the way early so they can focus on the real threat. A drunk Mom and her pirate boyfriend.

Whilst I'd agree it's getting a bit rushed and the quality of the writing has dropped off. It's much more fun if you try not to think about it too much. Only 2 more to go now aint it?