16:25, Tue 14 May
This is a good summary of why he went:


I suspect they didn't trust him in the summer transfer market, with around £50m spent on Andone, Locadia, Izquierdo, and the Iranian guy - and arguably they have all been flops, which is why a 36 year old striker plays every game. He did the same at Norwich (van Wolfswinkel?).

it's basically the opposite

Brighton have recruited some pretty interesting talent from around Europe and they don't trust Hughton to use it

he isn't in charge of transfers but given they have this talent (i think Jahanbakhsh is special) and they're still playing dogshit football; that's why they don't want him any more

that and the fact they are really, really bad

I imagine anyone coming in will want to build their own team and will ask the question - how much have I go to spend? There's more chance of the new guy being trusted with a war chest than Hughton would have been. What happens with the previous signings is an interesting one - does the new guy suddenly turn them into world beaters, or does he get rid as soon as he can as he doesn't rate them and they are not his players?

Very rare nowadays certainly in the top division, that a manager 'picks the players'. A manager will identify a type of player he wants etc and using tools like Wyscout and Internal scouting departments they'll generate a list of 4/5 players per position required and go from there. I'm sure also as part of their recruitment process they will be discussing the players already at the club and whether the new manager can make them work etc. Expect a few departures this summer but nothing major.
19:36, Tue 14 May
£130m net spent in 3 years!!


£40m more than Klopp - who is classed as over-rated by some on here.

Oooh...feel better now? ๐Ÿ˜