Harlee Dean

09:39, Wed 5 Jun
Appreciate he’s your old manager but “over the moon” is a bit much...
09:42, Wed 5 Jun
Footballers don't care as much about the rivalry as us, they are all mates behind the scenes.

However it was a bit thick of him to be even discussing them like that to a journo
I heard a rumour we're going to see an end to these viler threads now they're in another league.

Just a rumour mind.

This is going to be the last one I open.

I'm sick of the way they are constantly discussed on this board, I'll be back when they're shit or havnig a tough time again to take the piss.

This self flagellation every time they do something good isn't healthy for my soul.

"Oh Nikola Zigic"

joderlos entrar en ellos!
14:36, Wed 5 Jun
McCormack could probably still do a job for a Championship side. Not at all suggesting we should sign him though

As long as we haven't got a front gate installed anywhere.

They've been weighed in for scrap so no worries there.

Harlee Dean

18:02, Fri 7 Jun
Pissed me off a bit needs to shut the F--- up dont need him telling me how good a player is thats just gone to the Vile.Then goes on to say how good their manager is and what an achievment it was in last 10 games , if he was good enough youd think he was after a move himself the way he is sucking up to them .KRO
18:09, Fri 7 Jun
Don't be so sensitive. He's played with Jota and for Dean Smith for years. He doesn't mention aston in the interview.

Jumping on the players backs before the season starts over something petty is not the way to start the summer.
18:16, Fri 7 Jun
Absolutely haram from Dean. Should be ashamed. Is he begging for a move to Witton or what?
Cheery Chappy Charcy
People who read books are mugs. If it is good enough it will be on TV.
18:30, Fri 7 Jun
So your ok with somebody who if Morrison goes will probably be named captain having a love in with them across the city ,sorry im NOT hes been here long enough to know better .KRO
18:33, Fri 7 Jun
I'm just not as uptight about it. He gets on well with the player and the manager in question. Nothing to do with the club they represent.

I would be fine with Dean being our captain.
18:55, Fri 7 Jun
Christ get a grip.
19:00, Fri 7 Jun
Grown men really do lose all grip on reality when it comes to football.
It's like my dad always said: eventually, everybody gets shot.
i was listening to talksport today at about 7 pm while driving,they were going on about premier league transers,who was going to buy who.
they got around to talking about girlish,one bloke said that spurs might buy it,another bloke with a cockney accent said,no he wont go,hes villa through and through,and villa are a massive club.
then he came out with,i used to live in birmingham,and everyone in the city supports aston villa.
i was just about to put my less than jake cd on,but i wanted to know who the cockney prat was,so i waited a bit and found out.
it was jamie o,hara.
08:21, Sun 9 Jun
Someone should tell him sutton coldfield isnt birmingham
08:35, Sun 9 Jun
Someone should tell him sutton coldfield isnt birmingham

"Historically in Warwickshire, it became part of Birmingham and the West Midlands metropolitan county in 1974."
09:45, Sun 9 Jun
Factually Aston is also part of birmingham. But it will never be birmingham in my eyes! The same as sutton